Conference Agenda

P1217: Presidents Forum: Peace Engineering - A Call to Action 2020-2030
Tuesday, 16/Nov/2021:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session Chair: Dr. Ramiro Jordan, ISTEC-UNM, United States of America
Session Chair: Dr. Alfredo Soeiro, AECEF, Portugal
Session Chair: Prof. Uriel Ruben Cukierman, UTN, Argentine Republic
Location: Main Hall Humanities Faculty

P.º de la Senda del Rey, 7, 28040 Madrid

Manel Martinez-Ramon, King Felipe VI Endowed Chair, Professor, University of New Mexico
Bernard Amadei, UC-Boulder, founder Engineers without Borders-USA
Bruce Cahan, UrbanLogic
Giovanna Fiorillo, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Carlos Fuquene, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Joseph Hughes, Drexel University
Ramiro Jordan, University of New Mexico
Donna Koechner, University of New Mexico
Tagwa Musa, Sudan University of Science and Technology
Mira Olson, Drexel University
Blanca Oviedo, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Margarita Quihuis, Peace Innovation Lab - Stanford
Aniek van Kersen, Peace Engineering Consortium
Felipe Gómez Gallo, Vice President Student Affairs IFEES and President SPEED

Session Abstract

Peace Engineering is the application of science, technology, and engineering principles to promote and support peace. It recognizes the important contribution that engineering, the social sciences and other disciplines can make toward a world where prosperity, sustainability, social equity, entrepreneurship, transparency, community voice and engagement, and a culture of quality thrive.

There are urgent calls to action by the National Academy of Engineering , the Nobel Prize Summit , the United Nations, global scientists and others to address and solve, in this decade (2020 – 2030), crucial and widely recognized global challenges before they become more complex and more environmentally, financially, and socially costly; before we reach the point of no return.

WEEF-GEDC 2021 Peace Engineering Panel Pre-conference Discussion:

We will have a Pre-conference discussion, panelists for the WEEF-GEDC 2021 Presidents Forum challenge viewers to get involved.


WEEF-GEDC 2021 Peace Engineering Panel

Alfredo Soeiro1, Uriel Cukierman2, Ramiro Jordan3

1Porto University, Portugal; 2Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 3University of New Mexico, USA