Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Floor 3
Date: Monday, 15/Nov/2021
WS165: Growing a Mindset Culture for an Inclusive Classroom
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Chair: Dr. Stephanie Cutler, Penn State, United States of America
Chair: Dr. Sarah Zappe, Penn State, United States of America
Chair: Prof. Elio San Cristóbal, UNED, Spain
Have you ever thought about you the innate abilities of your students? Does your class structure and messaging tell them they can grow and learn and improve as they complete your course? These questions link to a factor that has been shown to impact student success across underrepresented groups - mindset. Mindset here refers to Dweck’s fixed (innate) and growth (malleable) nature of intelligence and other characteristics. This workshop will present how organizational and classroom culture with respect to messages around mindset can impact the experience of underrepresented students. Specifically, the mindset beliefs of the course instructor with respect to the nature of their students’ ability (fixed or growth) can have substantial and significant impact on closing the achievement gaps for underrepresented students. This workshop will focus on reflecting on faculty instructional practices, messaging, and perspectives to move towards promoting a growth mindset and an inclusive classroom.

Growing a Mindset Culture for an Inclusive Classroom

Stephanie Cutler, Sarah Zappe

Date: Tuesday, 16/Nov/2021
S02: Peace of Engineering, Ethics, Global Development and Sustainability
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Chair: Prof. Manuel Gericota, School of Engineering - Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
Chair: Federico Gastón Lerro, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentine Republic
Chair: Prof. Rosario Gil Ortego, UNED, Spain

Beyond Experts and Conciliators: Envisioning Engineers as Multifaceted Peacebuilders in Costa Rica

Sergio Guillen Grillo

Design of a Multi-axis Prosthetic foot for the amputees in the developing world based on human’s foot bones structure for Sudanese environment

MOHAMED IBRAHIM SALIH FADUL, Fatima Galal Ahmed Elsayed, Safa Elamin Mahmoud Hamad, Hanna Gasem Ahmed Abdalla, Mona Elemam Ali Sharf Aldeen, Altayeb Mobarak Altayeb Babeker

‘Engineering for Global Development’ in Academic Institutions: An Initial Review of Learning Opportunities Across Four Global Regions

Grace Burleson, Mariela Machado, Iana Aranda

Evaluation of Engineering Ethics in a Mechanical Engineering Curriculum at a Caribbean National University

Paula Olesia Verona Henry, Earle Anthony Wilson, Trevor Geodean Bennett

Characterization of the space and process of knowledge production in technological development projects with social impact

Roberto Giordano Lerena, Armando Fernandez Guillermet

Date: Wednesday, 17/Nov/2021
SS1221: Preparing and Developing Skills for Better Employability for STEM and Engineering Graduates (E-STEM)
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Chair: Prof. Anna Friesel, EAEEIE, Denmark
Chair: Prof. Edmundo Tovar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Chair: Prof. Manuel Castro, UNED, Spain

Educational Innovation: Focusing on enhancing the skills of Generation Z workforce in STEM

Patricia Caratozzolo, Eugenio Bravo Cordova, Claudia Lizette Garay-Rondero, Jorge Membrillo-Hernandez

The Global Society of Peace Engineers – advocating for the profession

Peter Smith, Joseph Hughes, Aniek van Kersen

Preparing Engineers for Lifelong Learning in the Era of Industry 4.0

Soma Chakrabarti, Patricia Caratozzolo, Bente Norgaard, Ellen Sjoer

Soft skills for the development of social and sustainable projects in industrial engineering students

Juan Sebastián Sánchez Gómez

An innovative approach to provide continuing education for industry employees at undergraduate level of engineering

Sanjay Eligar, Nalini Iyer, Ashok Shettar, KNS Acharya, B L Desai, Prakash Tewari, Uma Mudenagudi, Shishir Sahay

S04: Woman, Teamwork and Mentoring in Engineering Education
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Chair: Dr. Patricia Caratozzolo, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
Chair: Dr. Matthias Gottlieb, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany
Chair: Prof. Rosario Gil Ortego, UNED, Spain

How women experience peer-to-peer learning model - a case study of an IT school in Russia.

Tanya Stanko, Maria Abramova, Elvira Sagirova, Oksana Zhirosh, Sergey Trapitsin

Women´s motivation to mentor young women students in STEM areas: A Study Case in Mexico

Maria Ileana Ruiz-Cantisani, Vianney Lara-Prieto, Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos, Ma. Yolanda Burgos Lopez, Ana Mónica Lizette Turcios Esquivel, Rosa María Guadalupe García-Castelán, Aurea Karina Ramirez Jiménez, Luz Maria Velázquez Sánchez

Developing a mentorship programme for 1st year engineering students : A case study on how the programme was developed and implemented

Samuel Loyiso Gqibani, Rita Steenkamp

Decolonial Ethics in Training in Computational Engineering. A Qualitative Study of Professors’ and Students’ Perspectives

M. Concepción Castillo-González, A. Luisa Sánchez-Hernández, Nohemí Lugo, Claudia V. Pérez-Lezama

The Grand Challenges Scholars Program, 12 years later. A new vision for the development of Trustworthy Engineers

Yannis Yortsos, Keith Buffinton, Jenna Carpenter, Katie Evans, Rick Miller, Amy Trowbridge, Yevgeniya Zastavker

Professional development support for women engineering faculty with Lean In Circles

Maria Rubi Forte-Celaya, Maria Yolanda Burgos-Lopez, Vianney Lara-Prieto, Cecilia Ramírez-Figueroa, Daniela Franco-Peñuelas

Date: Thursday, 18/Nov/2021
S05: Strengthening Engineering Education in Developing Countries
Location: Room D (3.31) Humanities Faculty
Chair: Prof. Paulo Ferreira, Polytechnic of Porto, School of Engineering, Portugal
Chair: Dr. Jamie Gurganus, University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States of America
Chair: Dr. Elena Ruiz Larrocha, UNED, Spain

Gender Distribution in Academic Leadership: An Exploratory Study of Top Universities of Bangladesh

Lamia Iftekhar, Musharrat Hossain, Ilyas Rasul, S.N. Towni, Asma Arisha, Naseeha Nuzhat

On the ABET accreditation of academic programs and rankings of universities in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Mujahid Ulla Faiz, Mubarak Saad Almutairi

Perceptions on online video tutorials for perceived difficult assignments in a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering subject at an African University of Technology: COVID-19 lockdown solutions

NICOLAAS Luwes, LEANRI van Heerden

Role of Indian Higher Education towards Aatmanirbhar India: Government Policies and Initiatives to promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Rohit Kandakatla, Rajanikanth Aluvala, Sreedevi DeviReddy, Gopalkrishna Joshi

A decade of chemical engineering graduates: their roles and skills in the world of work

Robbie Pott, Mieke De Jager

Real Engineering Problems in an Undergraduate Course: The learning methodologies and assessment tools

Ricardo Diogo, André Venâncio, Maria Angela Roveredo Santos, Eduardo Loures, Neri Santos