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Session Overview
P1219: PROF-XXI: Teaching and Learning Centers to Support the 21st Century Professor
Thursday, 18/Nov/2021:
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Session Chair: Prof. Carlos Delgado Kloos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Session Chair: Prof. Elio San Cristóbal, UNED, Spain
Location: Room A Humanities Faculty

Floor -1

Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, UPS Toulouse III, France
Miguel Morales, Universidad Galileo, Guatemala
S. Alejandra Recinos Fernández, Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala
Óscar Jerez, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Mario Solarte, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia
António Moreira Teixeira, Universidade Aberta, Portugal
Astrid Helena González López, Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali, Colombia

Session Abstract

PROF-XXI is a European-funded project whose aim is the creation of Teaching and Learning Centers (TLCs) for Latin American Higher Institutions in an effort to promote the development of competences for university professors and foster teaching innovation in onsite, but also in online and hybrid education. PROF-XXI includes a partnership of seven higher education institutions, three from European countries (Spain, France, and Portugal), and four from Latin American countries (two from Guatemala, and two from Colombia). This article presents the main results of the first part of the project, including the diagnosis of institutional practices, the state of the art of TLCs around the world, the framework on 21st century professors in Latin America, and the PROF-XXI framework.

In this rapidly evolving and increasingly digitized society, especially after covid-19, all stakeholders in Higher Education Institutions must learn to adapt to the new circumstances. This means that both faculty and university governance must learn to teach in the digital world. Setting up units for professional development of faculty is now more important than ever. This is the main objective of the PROF-XXI project.

PROF-XXI has its origins in the concern of Latin American universities to improve the quality of their teaching and learning processes, derived from a very rapid growth of tertiary education institutions in the Region, and the lack oftrained university professors with the adequate competences to carry out effective innovational processes in the several educational modes that currently exist, including onsite, online and hybrid education. This problem is especially relevant in Guatemala and Colombia, where many private educational entities appeared in the last years, with very high tuition fees, but without this being a differentiating factor in the quality of the education received by students. Therefore, PROF-XXI has a strong focus in Guatemala and Colombia and counts with public and private institutions of different sizes (small, medium, and large higher education institutions) in its consortium.


PROF-XXI: Teaching and Learning Centers to Support the 21st Century Professor

Carlos Delgado Kloos1, Carlos Alario-Hoyos1, Miguel Morales4, Rocael Hernández Rizzardini4, Óscar Jerez8, Mar Pérez-Sanagustín2, Iouri Kotorov2, S. Alejandra Recinos Fernández5, L. Magdiel Oliva-Córdova5, Mario Solarte6, Daniel Jaramillo6, António Moreira Teixeira3, Astrid Helena González López7

1Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; 2Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III, France; 3Universidade Aberta, Portugal; 4Universidad Galileo, Guatemala; 5Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala; 6Universidad del Cauca, Colombia; 7Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali, Colombia; 8Universidad de Chile, Chile