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Session Overview
P09: Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering
Thursday, 18/Nov/2021:
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Session Chair: Prof. Claudio R Brito, Science and Education Research Organization, Portugal
Session Chair: Dr. Thomas Lee, McMaster University, Canada
Location: Main Hall Humanities Faculty

P.º de la Senda del Rey, 7, 28040 Madrid

Prof. Nael Barakat, Ph.D. P.Eng. FASME, Professor and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas at Tyler, USA
Iana Aranda, Director, Engineering Global Development, ASME, USA
Rob Schneider, Executive Director, Lemelson Foundation, USA
Yannis C. Yortsos, Dean, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, USA
Mario Bernabé Chauca Saavedra, Advisor reviewer, Vice-Rectorate of Research and Researcher Professor, Ricardo Palma University, Peru

Session Abstract

Engineering ethics and sustainability are hot topics of critical importance to both the society and the profession.  However, these two topics would never receive their fair share in an engineering curriculum because of the limited space left after all the hard skills and university requirements have taken their space.  Moreover, engineers do not seem to provide much of their attention to such topics due to the heavy load and concentration required to execute engineering projects.  This situation generates a significant need that inspires engineering educators to be innovative in the content and pedagogy that helps raise awareness of this side of engineering education and bring the context of society to the practice of engineering.  The importance and significance of engineering activities and its impact on society necessitates the inclusion of ethics as part of engineering as much as the need for engineers to participate in public policy with good awareness of the impact of their profession and a clear picture of their limits.  Meanwhile, this is the same basis for sustainability and the need for understanding and integrating sustainability ideas, and practices in engineering as much as any societal endeavors.  This panel will bring some fundamentals thoughts and basis related to the societal impact of engineering and the role of engineering ethics  as well as the placement of sustainability in this matrix.  The panel will also focus on certain areas of contemporary concern which supports and calls for engineering to be the solution for social and environmental concerns while preserving the limits and supporting the profession.

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