Conference Agenda

TS 21: Industrial Decarbonization and Evaporative Cooling
Friday, 24/June/2022:
9:10am - 10:10am

Location: Provincial

Session Topics:
Track B: Industrial HVAC-Innovations and Best Practices

Track B: Industrial HVAC-Innovations and Best Practices 

Session Abstract

This seminar will provide an introduction to solar air heating for industrial buildings and how it relates to carbon emission reductions; and address using two-stage evaporative cooling in industrial applications including non-traditional evaporative climates.


Carbon Emission Reduction via Solar Air Heating Solutions for Industrial Applications

Byron Thomas Felske, John Hollick

Conserval Engineering, Canada

An introduction to solar air heating technology will be presented along with particular focus on industrial applications. Past installations in Toronto and abroad in North America will be highlighted along with high level carbon emission reduction metrics.

Advanced Industrial Applications of Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling

Dave Patrick Binz

Cambridge Air Solutions, United States of America

Explore the benefits of Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling for advanced applications outside the Southwest.

Attendees will learn

- Psychrometrics of Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling

- How to Apply in Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

- Review a Case Study of an installation in non-traditional evaporative climates