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Session Overview
Seminar 9: Oil & Gas Facilities HVAC Engineering & Design
Wednesday, 22/June/2022:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: Dominion Ballroom

Session Topics:
Track B: Industrial HVAC-Innovations and Best Practices

Track B: Industrial HVAC-Innovations and Best Practices 


Oil & Gas Faciliteis HVAC Engineering & Design

Erich Binder1, Erik Ostberg2, Mak Kampen3

1EBCL, Canada; 2BP Global; 3ConnocoPillips

This session is based on the proposed new 2022 ASHRAE Applications Oil & Gas Facility Chapter

This session focuses on the unique challenges associated with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) of various types of oil and gas . Special considerations play a major role in the design of oil and gas HVAC systems along with the selection, operation and maintenance of HVAC equipment. In addition, the unique nature of requirements and design practices specific to Oil and gas facilities influence HVAC systems and equipment selections.

Enclosed oil and gas processing and drilling facilities climates place particular focus on indoor HVAC requirements of ventilation rates and pressurization for both fugitive emissions and hydrocarbon containment. The design of HVAC systems and equipment should be simple, high in reliability and able to provide the required functionality without complexity in regard to operating requirements and maintenance.