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Session Overview
Workshop 2: Connecting Industrial Exposures to Practical Industrial Ventilation Controls
Thursday, 23/June/2022:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Jonathan Foste Hale
Location: City Hall


Connecting Industrial Exposures to Practical Industrial Ventilation Controls

James Friedman CIH. PE, Robert Shearer, Jonathan Hale, Neil Zimmerman PhD. CIH. PE, Rafael Sartim. PhD. PE


This roundtable discussion will cover the following topics:

What Engineers should understand about worker exposures before designing a ventilation system including:

- Hazard review to identify which sources to ventilate

- Understanding the physical forms of air contaminants: gases, fumes, smokes and dusts.

- Hood types and which to use.

- Hood airflows and how to estimate.

- Duct balancing methods and when to use and not to use.

- Important of makeup air and how to deliver and distribute.

- Using general exhaust ventilation for heat removal and building pressurization.

The Ventilation Manual’s most useful Chapter to Engineers and how to use the VS Plates

- Origin of VS-Plates

- How to use them

- What processes do they include

- How you can participate

Push-pull Ventilation-smoke and mirrors or smoke removal?

- How it works

- Plating tanks

- 25 m applications

- 50m?

Dilution Ventilation vs. Displacement Ventilation for CoVid Control in the Factory Setting

- Definitions

- Successful displacement LEV applied to large volume rooms

- Use on highly toxic materials

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Ventilation Control- A quick Primer

- What is CFD?

- How it can be your best design tool

- How can I use it to make my design better/more effective?

- How and where and how can you avail your company of the tool?