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Keynote: The R-universe project
Friday, 09/July/2021:
12:30pm - 1:30pm

Session Chair: Heather Turner
Zoom Host: Yuya Matsumura
Replacement Zoom Host: Priyanka Gagneja
Virtual location: The Lounge #key_ooms
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Keynote Talk
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Keynote: The R-universe project

Jeroen Ooms

UC Berkeley, Netherlands,

R-universe <> is a new platform by rOpenSci under which we experiment with various ideas for improving publication and discovery of research software in R.

R-universe provides users or organizations with a personal CRAN-like repository for publishing packages, rmarkdown articles, and other R content. The system automatically tracks upstream git package repositories, builds binary packages for windows and mac, renders vignettes, and makes data available through dashboards, feeds and APIs.

In the talk, we explain how R users of any level can benefit from creating a personal universe. Example use-cases include a personal portfolio, an incubator for experimental projects, or a staging pool for dev-versions of CRAN packages. We also discuss possibilities of publishing non-software R packages (e.g. research compedia or reproducible articles) and ongoing work of integrating software citations and health metrics in R-universe.