Conference Agenda

Tutorials - Track 2
Tuesday, 06/July/2021:
11:15pm - 11:59pm

11:15pm - 2:15am
ID: 321 / 2A-Tut: 1
Topics: Efficient programming

Translating R to Your Language

Michael Chirico, Michael Lawrence

- Language: English

- Duration: 180

- Participants: 30

- Level: Intermediate+

R users are a global bunch. Providing error messages in languages besides English can greatly improve the user experience (and debugging experience) of those using R who may not be English natives.

This tutorial aims to get package developers and other R community members started implementing foreign-language translations of R's messages (errors, warnings, verbose output, etc.) into a language of their choosing.

The standard tools for providing translations can be somewhat esoteric; in this tutorial, we'll go over some of the challenges presented by translations, the process for providing and/or updating translations to R itself, and finally introduce a package (`potools`) that will remove some of the frictions potential translators may face.

We especially encourage attendance from speakers of major world languages currently missing from the R translation data base, in particular Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, and Bahasa Indonesia.