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Keynote: Communication - elevating data analysis to make a real impact
Friday, 09/July/2021:
4:15pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Federico Marini
Zoom Host: Aditi Shah
Replacement Zoom Host: Balogun Stephen
Virtual location: The Lounge #key_communication

Session Topics:
Community and Outreach

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Keynote Talk
Topics: Community and Outreach

Keynote: Communication - elevating data analysis to make a real impact

Catherine Gicheru1, Katharine Hayhoe2

1Africa Women Journalism Project; 2Texas Tech University

Data analysis is key to identify patterns, understand processes, and guide effective policy-making for real world problems, such as climate change, COVID-19 and other diseases, and gender inequity. But sometimes this is not enough. Our two speakers in this session, data journalist Catherine Gicheru and atmospheric scientist Katherine Hayhoe, will share their work and experience communicating key data results to the general public and stakeholders. Catherine will help us understand how to tell stories with data, by liberating access to information to empower citizens and help them generate changes, particularly in issues related to gender, health and developement in Africa. Katherine will share her struggle to bridge the gap between scientists and stakeholders about potential impacts of climate change. The contributions in this joint keynote will spark a discussion on how to enhance the impact of data analysis by means of efficient communication strategies.