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Author(s) Session
Hagenberg, JonasTutorials - Track 4  Presenter
Handel, AndreasElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Hanf, Alexander Bernd3A - Machine Learning and Data Management  Presenter
Haque, Mohammad8B - R in Production 2  Presenter
Haugg, AndreElevator Pitches 2
Hayhoe, KatharineKeynote: Communication - elevating data analysis to make a real impact  Presenter
Heiling, Hillary M.Elevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Held, Maximilian6B - R in Production 1  Presenter
Helske, Jouni9C - Statistical modeling and data analysis 2  Presenter
Helveston, John PaulElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Hemerik, JesseElevator Pitches 2
Heymans Smith, Philippe6A - Data visualisation  Presenter
Ho, An-Chi7A - Ecology and Environmental Sciences
7A - Ecology and Environmental Sciences  Presenter
Hoch, Tobias8A - Statistics and Bioinformatics
Hocking, Dr. Toby Dylan1B - R packages 1
Holdt-Caspersen, NynneElevator Pitches 2
Hornick, Mark2A - Data Management  Presenter
Horst, Allison5A - Teaching R and R in Teaching  Presenter
Hothorn, TorstenElevator Pitches 2
Huaylla, Claudia A.9B - Community and Outreach 2  Presenter
Hughes, EllisElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Hurley, CatherineElevator Pitches 1
Hyndman, Rob J5B - Mathematical/Statistical Methods