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Author(s) Session
Gambarota, FilippoElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
García Alonso, Virginia A.9B - Community and Outreach 2  Presenter
Gehring, StéphaniePanel: R User or R Developer? This is the question!
Giacobino, AgostinaElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Gicheru, CatherineKeynote: Communication - elevating data analysis to make a real impact  Presenter
Gilardi, Andrea3B - Spatial Analysis  Presenter
3B - Spatial Analysis
Girard, CervanTutorials - Track 2
Giraud, Timothée3B - Spatial Analysis  Presenter
Godfrey, JonathanKeynote: Tools and technologies for supporting algorithm fairness and inclusion  Presenter
Goeman, JelleElevator Pitches 2
Gold, Alex Kahn8B - R in Production 2  Presenter
Gómez Vargas, Andrea9B - Community and Outreach 2  Presenter
Gopal, Vik7C - Teaching, Automation and Reproducibility  Presenter
Gordon, DorothyKeynote: Tools and technologies for supporting algorithm fairness and inclusion  Presenter
Gosiewska, AlicjaElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Elevator Pitches 2
Greve, JanElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
groce, Dr. Alex1B - R packages 1
Grosjean, PhilippeElevator Pitches 2
Elevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Grün, BettinaElevator Pitches 2
Grycuk, MariaElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Guggenbühl, OliverElevator Pitches 2
Gutierrez, Austin6B - R in Production 1  Presenter
GUYADER, VincentTutorials - Track 2  Presenter