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Author(s) Session
Eastwood, Nathan Wayne1B - R packages 1  Presenter
Eddelbuettel, DirkTutorials - Track 3  Presenter
Eddelbuettel, Dirk8B - R in Production 2
Eichelmann, FabianElevator Pitches 2
Eichenberger, LiviaElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
El Fodil, MohammedIncubator: Expanding the R community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Eling, Nils8A - Statistics and Bioinformatics  Presenter
Ellern Bilgrau, AndersElevator Pitches 2
Elten, MichaelElevator Pitches 2
Engels, GuyliannElevator Pitches 2  Presenter
Elevator Pitches 2
Escobar, SusanaTutorials - Track 2
Tutorials - Track 4
EspaƱa, Victor J.3A - Machine Learning and Data Management
Esteve, Miriam3A - Machine Learning and Data Management  Presenter
Euesden, JackElevator Pitches 1