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Session Overview
Date: Sunday, 01/Sept/2024
JCMS Annual Review Lecture: Where Should Europe End? The Eastern Border Challenge
Chair: Simona Piattoni
Discussant: Sergio Fabbrini
Discussant: Jan Zielonka
Discussant: Thomas Christiansen

Lecture given by Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

Date: Monday, 02/Sept/2024
Conference Registration
Publishers' Exhibition day 1
Constitutional Identity 01: Strategic autonomy in the European regulatory space
East-West Divide 01: Comparative Approaches of Political Parties
EU Enlargement 01: Enlargement and third countries impact on EU institutions
EU External Relations 01: European External Governance
EU Integration/Law 01: Authors meet critics session
Chair: Roland Erne
European Security 02: EU Member States' Foreign and Security Policies post the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Chair: Tomáš Weiss
Gender & Sexuality 01: Gender and Public Policy
Green Deal 01: Frontrunner and Laggard Policies in the European Green Deal
Chair: Thomas Hoerber
Health & EU 01: Re-Examining EU Activity In Pharmaceuticals At EU Level And Beyond
Chair: Charlotte Godziewski
Open track 01: Framing energy, environment, and innovation
Open track 02: Engaging the EU’s Borderlands: A Relational Perspective. A RELATE Panel
Chair: Ana Juncos Garcia
Open track 03: Food in the EU’s External Relations: Regulations, Imaginaries, and Geopolitics
Chair: Isabell Burmester
Chair: Laura Gelhaus
Open track 04: EU Migration and the Challenge of Informality
Chair: Gabriel Siles-Brugge
Open track 05: Perspectives on Brexit: Multidisciplinary Approaches to understanding causes and consequences of Brexit
Chair: Mark Kaye
Discussant: Dimitra Kiousi
Parties & Elections 01: European Parliament Elections 2024
T&L 01: Teaching European Studies 1
Chair: Jan Grzymski
War & Integration 01: Memory, myth, identity
Coffee Break

& Graduate Forum Peer Mentor Coffee Break

Plenary 1: Developments in EU policies and macro-economic governance
Chair: Andrea Fracasso
Lunch Break
Digital Governance 01: Emerging Technologies and Evolving Accountability Settings in the European Union
Chair: Hartmut Aden
Discussant: Dr Paul Stephenson
Economic & EU Policies 01: Trade and investment policies in the EU
European Security 03: Perspectives on the New World Order
European Security 04: Geopolitics of the current security environment
Chair: Jocelyn Mawdsley
Gender & Sexuality 02: Gender and Political Representation
Green Deal 02: Narratives and Securitisation
Green Deal 03: Rights and Justice
Health & EU 02: Balancing Health And The (Internal) Market
Chair: Gabriel Siles-Brugge
Human Mobility 01: Mobility, Place Attachment And Border Regions: How Local Narratives Shape EU Perceptions
Chair: Sara Svensson
Discussant: Estelle Evrard
Chair: Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt
Open Track 07: Human rights and migration challenges in Europe and Latin America
Chair: Arantza Gomez Arana
Discussant: Bruno Luciano
Open track 08: Linguistic Diversity in Europe’s Media: Minority Language Media and Their Audiences
Chair: Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones
Open track 09: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask About Getting Your Book Published
Chair: Daniel Schade
Chair: Mechthild Roos
Open track 30: Litigation strategies at a time of digital transformation: New Directions of EU Law
Chair: Rebecca Zahn
Race & Decolonisation 01: Colonial legacies in the European collective memory
Risk Regulation 01: Science, Risk Regulation, and Emergency in Turbulent Times
Chair: Alessandra Guida
T&L 02: Teaching European Studies 2
Chair: Jan Grzymski
Coffee Break
Constitutional Identity 02: Constitutional issues of (strategic) autonomy
Digital Governance 02: EU's Digital Diplomacy, AI Regulation, and Global Governance
EU Enlargement 02: Enlargement at 50 - Looking back and forward
EU External Relations 02: EU Foreign Policy & Trade
EU Institutions 01: European Parliament and Bureaucracy
EU Integration/Law 02: Confronting the Rule of Law Double Standards: The EU, Human Rights, and Judicial Independence
Chair: Aleksandra Ancite-Jepifánova
European Security 05: The EU as a Security Actor: Missions, Capabilities, and Crisis Response
Chair: Laura Chappell
European Security 06: State Perspectives on Russia’s War in Ukraine – Roundtable 1
Chair: Maxine David
Graduate Forum Workshop: Forging a Successful Career Within and Beyond Academia
Chair: Yunus Baris Erturk
Green Deal 04: Free Trade Agreements
Green Deal 05: The European Green Deal and Democracy: Conceptual and Empirical Dimensions
Chair: Diarmuid Torney
Discussant: Louisa Parks
Human Mobility 02: Citizenship and free movement rights: Current approaches and the way forward
Open track 10: Communication and Culture
Open track 11: Breaking Stereotypes: The Enigma of Euro-Optimism in Central Europe's Eurosceptic Landscape
Chair: Veronika Velička Zapletalová
Discussant: Vít Hloušek
Open track 12: Europeanization at the Subnational Level: Chances and Challenges
Chair: Elisabeth Donat
Chair: Simon Lenhart
Open track 13: Implementing the Recovery and Resilience Agenda: Politicisation, Constraints and Power Shifts
Chair: Adina Akbik
Race and Decolonisation 02: Shifting the narrative: decentering the EU vis-à-vis its Eastern others
Risk Regulation 02: The Glyphosate and Pesticides Saga and the EU's Risk Regulation on the Global Level
Chair: Marko Milenkovic
Drinks Reception
Graduate Forum Drinks Social
Date: Tuesday, 03/Sept/2024
Publishers' Exhibition day 2
Digital Governance 03: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: AI, Digital Policy, and the EU's Co-Regulatory Framework
East-West Divide 03: Visegrad Four in Post-Crisis EU
Chair: Petr Kaniok
Discussant: Vít Hloušek
Economic & EU Policies 02: EU Economic Governance
EU Integration/Law 03: Neighbourhood, Enlargement and EU integration beyond law
European Security 07: Roundtable: ‘Zeitenwende’ as Coming of Age? EU Foreign & Security Policy through War & Peace
Chair: Richard Whitman
Discussant: Olga Burlyuk
European Security 08: The UK and European Security
Green Deal 06: Thinking about the Evolving EU Environmental Policy
Chair: Ekaterina Domorenok
Health & EU 03: Institutionalising the European Health Union after COVID-19
Chair: Charlotte Godziewski
Open track 14: Asylum, Migration & Borders
Open track 15: Democracy, Security and Treaty Changes: (Self/De)Legitimation Practices of EU Actors within Major Transformative Agendas
Chair: Lucy Kinski
Open track 16: European Space Policy I
Chair: Thomas Hoerber
Open track 17: European Union-Latin America Relations: Geopolitical, Geoeconomic and Democratic Challenge
Chair: Bruno Luciano
Discussant: Arantza Gomez Arana
Open track 18: The Future of Human Protection: Reconfiguring Norms and Practices Beyond the Liberal International Order
Chair: Chiara De Franco
Discussant: Linnéa Gelot
Discussant: Cedric de Coning
Open track 19: UK-EU Relations Beyond The TCA I: Building New Links
Chair: Simon Usherwood
Discussant: David Phinnemore
Parties & Elections 02: Political Parties and Society in times of crisis
T&L 03: Teaching European Studies 3
Chair: Jan Grzymski
War & Integration 02: War in Ukraine and rethinking European integration
Coffee Break
Digital Governance 04: EU Regulatory Frontiers: Safeguarding Rights, Media Freedom, and Access to Information in the Digital Age
East-West Divide 02: Eastern Enlargement
East-West Divide 04: Support structures and regulation
EU Enlargement 03: Europeanisation, the neighbourhood and enlargement
EU Institutions 02: European Commission & Elections
European Security 09: State Perspectives on Russia’s War in Ukraine – Roundtable 2
Chair: Tomáš Weiss
European Security 10: Turkey and the Western Balkans
Green Deal 07: Member States Policy
Green Deal 08: The EU As An Environmental Actor And Actors
Chair: Anthony R. Zito
Health & EU 04: Talent Partnerships for Care Workers
Chair: Tesseltje de Lange
Discussant: Felicitas Hillmann
Human Mobility 03: Adjusting To The New Normal: The Lived Experience of Withdrawal Agreement Life for UK Citizens In The EU
Chair: Jane Golding
Chair: Fiona Godfrey
Open track 20: EU Finances between Intergovernmentalism and Integration: Negotiations, Implementation, Accountability
Chair: Hartmut Aden
Discussant: Hartmut Aden
Open track 21: Third Country Cooperation in EU Foreign and Security Policy in the era of geopolitics (I)
Chair: Niels Willigen
Discussant: David Phinnemore
Open track 22: Holding Culprits Accountable: Comparing the Green Transition Narratives and Actions of Oil and Gas Companies
Chair: Eva Bartalos
Open track 23: Re-thinking Euroscepticism, Contestation, and Mobilization
Chair: Monika Brusenbauch Meislova
Discussant: Monika Brusenbauch Meislova
Open track Law 01: Authority and efficacy in EU Law
Parties & Elections 03: Political Communication
War & Integration 03: Bulding capacities for war and peace
Lunch Break
Plenary 2: 2024 European Parliament Elections: Results and Consequences
Chair: Emanuele Massetti
Coffee Break
Constitutional Identity 03: National Constitutional identity and European integration
East-West Divide 05: The Greenlight To Accession: Integrating Moldova and Ukraine through Knowledge, Expertise, and Communications
Chair: Will Kingston-Cox
Chair: Cecilia Jastrzembska
EU Enlargement 04: Enlargement: Conditionality and Good Governance
EU Institutions 03: Negotiations and decision making
EU Integration/Law 04: EU Internal Market law – still a force of integration?
EUROGLOT 01: Deimperialising the Global East(s) / Sites of Struggles: Theory and Praxes of the Global East(s)
European Security 11: New threats, new strategies?
European Security 12: Security, Migration, and the EU's External Borders
Chair: Patrick Mueller
Gender & Sexuality 03: Gender Identity and Social Movements
Green Deal 09: Parties and policy
Human Mobility 04: Migration to and from the EU
Open track 24: Advancing Disability Rights in the European Union: Socio-legal Perspectives, Federal Trends and Participatory Approaches
Chair: Delia Ferri
Discussant: Delia Ferri
Open track 25: Democratic Resilience in the EU (Potential) Candidate States in Light of the 2030 Enlargement Agenda
Chair: Dominika Harasimiuk
Open track 26: Environmental Transitions
Open track 27: Member States and Regional Cooperation in the EU
Open track 28: Third Country Cooperation in EU Foreign and Security Policy in the era of geopolitics (II).
Chair: Marianna Lovato
Discussant: Helene Sjursen
Open track 29: UK-EU Relations Beyond The TCA II: Northern Ireland
Chair: David Phinnemore
Discussant: Simon Usherwood
T&L 04: Workshop: Toolkits For Teaching European Integration Across Educational Levels
Chair: Philip Murphy
Chair: Emmanuelle Schon-Quinlivan
Conference Dinner

Sponsored by Nanovic Institute of European Studies

Date: Wednesday, 04/Sept/2024
Publishers' Exhibition day 3
Brexit 01: Borders, Policy, and Politics
Digital Governance 05: Securing the Future: Human-Centric Cybersecurity and AI Regulation in the EU
East-West Divide 06: European Communities & Regional Relations
EU Enlargement 05: Politics of the Neighbourhood
EU Institutions 04: Lessons from the Institutions
EU Integration/Law 05: Integration between legislation, rights, and economic governance
European Security 13: All Change? European Security in the context of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
European Security 14: The EU and Member States' Impacts
Green Deal 10: European Union Environmental Policy-making Trajectories
Chair: Andy Smith
Health & EU 05: The EU as a Global Health Actor - Between Securitisation and Cooperation
Chair: Katrina Perehudoff
Discussant: Katrina Perehudoff
Human Mobility 05: Internal boarders in the EU: Realities of (im)mobility and free movement
Open track 31: Coming Out Of The Periphery? The Agency Of CEE’s In European And Global International Relations I
Discussant: Helene Sjursen
Open track 32: Reassessing European integration in light of recent European conflicts
Chair: Jan Niklas Rolf
Chair: Jakob Lempp
Open track 33: Threats and defense policies
Open track 34: Sound of Silence: EDI in the European Studies Canon
Chair: Koen Slootmaeckers
Chair: Roberta Guerrina
Race and Decolonisation 03: Concepts and methods to decolonise European Studies
Coffee Break
Plenary 3: The European Union and re-discovery of ‘geopolitics’
Chair: Vincent Della Sala
Lunch Break
Constitutional Identity 04: Sovereignty and Legitimacy in multi-level governance
Digital Governance 06: Empowering Digital Governance: Innovations, Strategies, and Enforcement in the EU
East-West Divide 07: EU Democratisation of Eastern Europe
Economic & EU Policies 03: Social policies and welfare state
EU External Relations 03: Environmental & Global Relations
EU Integration/Law 06: Illiberalism(s), right-wing populism and EU law & policy
EUROGLOT 02: EUROGLOT: Thinking Europe differently? Theorizing the EU from post/decolonial perspectives
European Security 16: The Prospects for European Defence Procurement, and Strategic Autonomy
Green Deal 11: External Dimension
Human Mobility 06: Vulnerability, Exploitation, Scapegoating, and Marginalization – the Plight of (EU) Migrants and Receiving Societies in Europe
Chair: Moritz Jesse
Open track 35: Book Launch of 'The Rule of Law in the EU: Challenges, Actors and Strategies ' Springer 2024
Chair: Carlo Ruzza
Chair: Luisa Antoniolli
Open track 36: Coming Out Of The Periphery? The Agency Of CEE’s In European And Global International Relations II
Chair: Karolina Pomorska
Discussant: Richard Whitman
Open track 37: The European Union’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice under The Treaty of Lisbon: Old and New Challenges
Chair: Hartmut Aden
Chair: Ariadna Ripoll Servent
Open track 38: The 2019-2024 session of the European Parliament - the EP in challenging times
Chair: Martin Steven
Open track Law 02: Rule of Law in the EU
Parties & Elections 04: Attitudes towards the EU
T&L 05: Teachers and Students in European Studies
Date: Monday, 09/Sept/2024
Virtual Panel 101: European Security in the Eastern Context
Virtual Panel 102: Geopolitics, Security and Norms in the EU’s New Trade Policy
Virtual Panel 103: Economic Challenges and Recovery
Virtual Panel 104: EU Trade & the Environment
Virtual Panel 201: External Perspectives of the EU
Virtual Panel 202: Member States and Regional Cooperation
Chair: Catarina M. Liberato
Virtual Panel 203: Beyond the Bloc: EU Accession & Foreign Policy
Virtual Panel 204: AI, Geopolitics and European Resilience
Virtual Panel 301: The Evolving EU: From Diplomacy to Citizenship
Virtual Panel 302: EU External Relations and Third Country Cooperation
Virtual Panel 303: European Security & the War in Ukraine

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