Conference Agenda

Panel 903: Teaching with Case Studies: Lessons-Learnt and Take-Aways
Wednesday, 08/Sept/2021:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Heidi Maurer, University of Bristol


Teaching with Case Studies: Lessons-Learnt and Take-Aways

Chair(s): Heidi Maurer (University of Bristol, United Kingdom)

Presenter(s): Carlos Bravo (IBEI Barcelona), Marianna Lovato (University College Dublin), Dorina Baltag (Lougborough University), Nele Marianne Ewers-Peters (SAIS, Johns Hopkins University), Alexandra Mihai (Maastricht University), Simon Usherwood (Open University)

This non-traditional panel is going to reflect on the ins and outs of developing teaching resources, the added value of pedagogical training and the opportunities and pitfalls for professional development of early-career scholars. It takes the NORTIA teaching case study initiative from November 2020 as a starting point and sets the following aims:

- to offer participating authors a platform to share their lessons learnt: did it pay off for them to participate in this training? What worked best for them to think about pedagogy differently? What do they still consider a challenge in developing teaching resources?

- To offer a platform to critically reflect on the support that professional and academic networks can offer for pedagogical training and the development of teaching resources

- To kick-start a discussion on how association like UACES can support its members actively in providing materials to be adapted for teaching and learning in different environments.

The speakers in this non-traditional panel include four case writers plus two experts in teaching pedagogy (Alexandra Mihai and Simon Usherwood).