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Session Overview
Panel 405: Research Career Management: How to Map Transferable Research Skills
Tuesday, 03/Sep/2019:
10:50am - 12:20pm

Session Chair: Dorina Baltag, Maastricht University
Location: Room 12.04

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Research Career Management: How to Map Transferable Research Skills

Chair(s): Dorina Baltag (Maastricht University, Netherlands, The)

Presenter(s): Dorina Baltag (Maastricht University)

This session aims at engaging early-career researchers in practical activities that will help them identify their transferable research skills in order to increase their competitiveness on the post-doctoral labour market. For researchers at the beginning of their careers it is difficult to make plans about their post-PhD working life due to a lack of certainty in the academic job market. Given the commitment and dedication to (mainly) research and teaching, it becomes challenging to understand and identify how you can become relevant for a job market that is in high demand for hard skills. Through a series of skillfully designed exercises on entrepreneurial thinking, this panel will show its participants how to use their talents and experience to identify opportunities in the job marketplace (within but also outside academia) and understand how and when to capitalize on them. The main outcome for every participant in the non-traditional panel will be his/her own personalized map of transferable research skills and the opportunity to exchange ideas about this challenge affecting early-career researchers.

To participate:

- Please fill in this registration form by Friday, August 30th:

- Bring your updated CV


- Personalized map of skills;

- Peer-2-peer exchange of experience;

- Translation of research skills into generic skills

Panel convener:

Dr. Dorina Baltag is teaching European Studies within the BA and MSc programmes at Maastricht University. As an early-career researcher Dorina has delivered research tasks for European think-tanks and was also commissioned as an independent consultant for IOM (International Organisation for Migration) projects. She was awarded an innovation grant from IOM to develop a ‘Skills Café’ for researchers in Republic of Moldova in 2017. She is currently implementing her project “Entrepreneurial Thinking for Female Researchers” as part of the Diversity and Inclusivity grants awarded by Maastricht University.