Conference Agenda

S2a: Lectures on Diversification
Monday, 18/Jan/2021:
2:45pm - 3:25pm

Session Chair: Paul Hughes, KU Leuven, Technology Campus Ghent
Location: Promotion Hall (University Hall)
Naamsestraat 22, Leuven

2:45pm - 3:05pm

New Insights into the Formation of Odorants in Different Barley Malts and their Transfer to Bottom-Fermented Lager-Type Beers

Michael F├ęchir1,2, Klaas Reglitz2, Veronika Mall2, Jens Voigt1, Martin Steinhaus2

1Trier University of Applied Sciences, Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at TU Munich, Germany; 2Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology at the Technical University of Munich

3:05pm - 3:25pm

Novel malts for novel beers

David Laureys1, Stijn Vanderroost1, Jeroen Bailliere1, Dana Vanderputten2, Jessika De Clippeleer1,2

1Ghent University, Belgium; 2Hogeschool Gent, Belgium