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Oral Presentation V: "Parenting and executive functions in early childhood: The moderating role of environmental sensitivity"
Monday, 21/Nov/2022:
12:30pm - 12:45pm

Presenting Author: Niamh Oeri

Location: Auditorium Roux

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Parenting and executive functions in early childhood: The moderating role of environmental sensitivity

Niamh Oeri1, Nora Tilda Kunz1, Michael Pluess2

1University Bern, Switzerland; 2Queen Mary University London, UK

The quality of parental behavior has been considered an essential factor in explaining individual differences in executive functions (EF). However, a growing body of research suggests that some children are more susceptible to positive and negative parenting qualities. The present study examined the interaction between parenting and children’s sensitivity on EF. Two different EF tasks were administered in a sample of N = 183 children (mean age: 6.2 years); a global EF task and a specific EF task capturing attentional focus. Parents reported on their parenting practices (i.e., two sub-scales of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire: involved parenting and corporal punishment) and the child’s sensitivity (i.e., highly sensitive child scale). In line with the environmental sensitivity framework (Pluess, 2015), results showed that EF performance is higher for sensitive children whose parents reported more involved parenting, while it is substantially lower for sensitive children whose parents reported the use of corporal punishment. No such effects emerged for less sensitive children. The results suggest that EF may not only be shaped by parenting behavior but that for some children, the quality of parent behavior may have a greater effect on EF than for others.

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