Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Date: Wednesday, 19/Jun/2019
19-AM-02: ST9.4 - Freedom in Organisations: Myths and Realities
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Matthieu Battistelli, Ecole Polytechnique
Chair: Patrick GILBERT, Sorbonne Business School (IAE), University Paris 1
Chair: Nathalie RAULET-CROSET, Sorbonne Business School (IAE), University Paris 1
Chair: Ann Teglborg, ESCP Europe

Liberated Companies: Are they more socially responsible? A quasi experiment in a partially liberated firm

Caroline Mattelin Pierrard

University Savoie Mont Blanc - IREGE, France

The Diversity Behind Freedom-Form Companies : Eight Case Studies on Empowerment and Accountability in the Workplace

Anne-Sophie Dubey, Charles de Lastic, Thierry Weil

Mines ParisTech, France

Philosophical roots of freedom and management

Nathalie Raulet-Croset1, Patrick Gilbert2, Ann Teglborg1,2

1: IAE de Paris; 2: ESCP Europe

Free-form organization: self-management or another avatar of organizational control? An exploratory study

Yuewu DUAN, Patrick GILBERT

IAE Sorbonne, France

19-PM1-02: ST9.4 - Freedom in Organisations: Myths and Realities
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Matthieu Battistelli, Ecole Polytechnique
Chair: Patrick GILBERT, Sorbonne Business School (IAE), University Paris 1
Chair: Nathalie RAULET-CROSET, Sorbonne Business School (IAE), University Paris 1
Chair: Ann Teglborg, ESCP Europe

How to enable leadership among self-organizing developers

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist1, Simone Spiegler2

1: Chalmers University of Technology, Innovation and R&D Management; 2: University of Stuttgart, Institute of Software Technology

Self-organization and human resources: towards a radical transformation of practices? An exploratory study of a set of SMEs

Matthieu Battistelli

Ecole Polytechnique, France

"Freedom form" companies and creative process: evidence or paradox?

Emilie POLI

ESCP Europe, France

Organizational innovation situation analysis and search of new measurement framework

Ilona Baumane-Vitolina, Jeļena Luca

University of Latvia

19-PM2-03: ST6.2 - Innovation Management Approaches to Address Grand Challenges
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Shima Barakat, University of Cambridge -
Chair: Serena Flammini, University of Cambridge
Chair: Letizia Mortara, University of Cambridge

The social impact of Big Science-industry networks: the ITER case

Gloria Puliga1, Raffaella Manzini1, Valentina Lazzarotti1, Paola Batistoni2

1: Liuc - Università Cattaneo, Italy; 2: ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Social system relations in the diffusion of social innovation into low resource markets

Orsolya Ihasz, Richard Adams, Shailendra Vyakarnam

Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom

Tackling societal grand challenges on a sustainable basis: a matter of cultural dynamic capabilities

Fabrice Periac

Paris School of Business, France

Date: Thursday, 20/Jun/2019
20-AM-02: ST3.4 - Digital innovation
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Katarina Blomkvist, Uppsala University
Chair: Philip Kappen, Uppsala University
Chair: Ivo Zander, Uppsala University

Digital innovation and design Transformations: re-framing design and development within the context of Internet of Things

Boyeun Lee, Rachel Cooper, David Hands, Paul Coulton

Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Reconstruction of institutionalized professions: A response to digital transformation in Swedish newspapers

Henry Lopez-Vega, Mart Ots, Anette Johansson

Jönköping University, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

How to prevent it from turning into just another organizational silo? – Task scope, structural set-up, and integration mechanisms in corporate digital labs

Marc Philipp Sauer, Fabian Reck

University of Bamberg, Germany

Digital Transformation in SMEs: the case of Smart District 4.0

Ivano De Turi1, Antonello Garzoni1, Giustina Secundo2, Pasquale Del Vecchio2

1: LUM - Libera Università Mediterranea Jean Monnet - Casamassima (Italy); 2: University of Salento, Italy

20-PM1-02: ST3.4 - Digital innovation
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Paul Chiambaretto, Montpellier Business School / Ecole Polytechnique

Managing Digital Innovation Processes: The Case of Integrated Product-Service Systems

Tor Helge Aas1,3, Karl Joachim Breunig2, Magnus Hellström1, Katja M. Hydle3

1: University of Agder, Norway; 2: OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University; 3: NORCE - Norwegian Research Centre

What does our contemporary innovation management community consider to be rigorous case study research?

Hyunkyu Park1, Joonmo Ahn2, Letizia Mortara3

1: Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; 2: Graduate School of Management of Technology, Sogang University, South Korea; 3: Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

High–tech Start–ups and Alternative Mechanisms of IP Protection: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Investments in the Automotive Ecosystem

Maria Teresa Aguilar Rojas1,2, Jordana Viotto da Cruz1,2

1: University Paris-Dauphine (PSL); 2: Governance and Regulation Chair

Digital transformation of business model innovation: A structured literature review

Selma Vaska

Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy

20-PM2-02: ST7.1 - (Open) Innovation Paths Towards Society 5.0
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Tindara Abbate, University of Messina
Chair: Barbara Aquilani, University of 'Tuscia' of Viterbo
Chair: Anna Codini, University of Brescia
Chair: Michela Piccarozzi, Univerty of ?Tuscia' of Viterbo

The Rush for Patents in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An Exploration of Patenting Activity at the European Patent Office

Mario Benassi, Elena Grinza, Francesco Rentocchini

University of Milan, Italy

The challenging transition from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0: the role of open innovation and value co-creation.

Barbara Aquilani1, Michela Piccarozzi2, Tindara Abbate3, Anna Codini4

1: Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization - University of 'Tuscia' of Viterbo, Italy; 2: Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization - University of 'Tuscia' of Viterbo, Italy; 3: Department of Management - University of Messina, Italy; 4: Department of Economics and Management - University of Brescia, Italy

Designed 4 all: How IoT technologies may foster inclusiveness, tourist experience and economic growth

Paola Beccherle1, Andrea Ganzaroli1, Ivan De Noni2

1: Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy; 2: Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Building a framework for the use of servitization and public-private networks for public social innovation

Alberto Peralta, Luis Rubalcaba, Javier Carrillo-Hermosilla

University of Alcala, Spain

Date: Friday, 21/Jun/2019
21-AM-02: G6 - Patents, Intellectual Property, and Innovation
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Serena Flammini, University of Cambridge

Do Patents Affect Prices?

Gaétan Jean A de Rassenfosse, Ling Zhou

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Do cohorts matter for technology transfer? The role of IP coordinators' cohorts at technology transfer offices

Dolores Modic1, Jana Suklan2

1: NORD University Business School, Norway; 2: NIHR Newcastle, Newcastle University, UK

Understanding The Architectural Control of Complex Systems under Collaborative Standardization : An Analysis of The Flow and Network of Technologies in The Mobile Telecommunication Sector

Masanori Yasumoto1, Jing-Ming Shiu2, Shangke Wang1, Tohru Yoshioka3

1: Yokohama National University, Japan; 2: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; 3: The University of Tokyo

Integrating Patent Management and R&D – An explorative analysis of the new product development process

Lilian Hardorp, Cihat Cengiz, Frank Tietze

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

21-PM1-02: ST8.4 - Open Innovation in SMEs
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Diane Poulin, Université Laval
Chair: Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo, Université Laval

Exploring SMEs’ open innovation practices diversity in different countries.

Elodie Pillon1,2, Thomas Loilier2


Open innovation practices flexibility in a Thai food manufacturing SME

Xavier Francis Etienne Pierre PARISOT1, Throngvid Hongsaprabhas1, Thierry ISCKIA2, Dongcheol HEO1

1: The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, Bangkok University, Thailand; 2: Institut Mines-Télécom Business School

Servitization maturity - a novel contextual element of successful collaborative R&D innovation projects


University Cote d'Azur

21-PM2-02: ST8.4 - Open Innovation in SMEs
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Marie-Anne Le Dain, Grenoble INP Industrial Engineering and Management – G-SCOP Lab
Chair: Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo, Université Laval

What do we know specifically about open innovation in SMEs? A descriptive review

Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo, Diane Poulin

Université Laval, Canada

Dancing with Wolves: How R&D Human Capital Can Benefit from Coopetition

Vesna Savic1, Carmen Cabello-Medina1, Shanthi Gopalakrishnan2, Haisu Zhang2, Melodi Guilbault2

1: University Pablo de Olavide, Spain; 2: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Effectiveness of Open Innovation: Evidence from an Information and Communications Engineering Company in Japan

Kumiko Miyazaki, Yoshitaka Nakamura

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

The Timing and Type of Alliance Partnerships in the New Product Development Process

Hadi Eslami1, Ashish Pujari2, Ruhai Wu2

1: University of New Brunswick, Canada; 2: McMaster University

21-PM3-02: ST8.4 - Open Innovation in SMEs
Location: Amphi Sauvy
Chair: Romaric Servajean-Hilst, Ecole polytechnique

Contributions of Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) for the adoption of Open Innovation Strategies (OIEs) in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Silvio Bitencourt da Silva1, Alexandre Zigunovas Junior2, Daniel Pedro Puffal3, Luciana Maines da Silva4


Unlocking the Black-Box of Open Innovation Capabilities in SMEs

Ilma Pranciulyte-Bagdziuniene1, Iryna Maliatsina2, Monika Petraite1, Daria Podmetina2

1: Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania; 2: Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Open Innovation Adoption Patterns and Strategies: an Empirical Analysis

Daria Podmetina1, Cristina Marullo2, Ekaterina Albats1, Iryna Maliatsina1

1: Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland; 2: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna