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Author(s) Session
Taji, Noriko20-AM-03  Presenter
Takahisa, Kenji20-AM-03
Tangour, Cyrine20-PM2-07, 21-PM1-03
Taylor, Rebecca19-AM-11
Tchuinou Tchouwo, Carène21-PM2-02
Teglborg, Ann19-AM-02
Tekic, Zeljko19-AM-07
Tello-Gamarra, Jorge21-PM2-01
Tezenas du Montcel, Benoît19-PM1-09  Presenter
Thierry, Rayna21-PM3-01
Thiolliere, Nicolas21-AM-08
Tietze, Frank21-AM-02, 19-PM2-08
Tillement, Stéphanie21-AM-08  Presenter
Tirabeni, Lia20-PM2-01
Tiwari, Rajnish21-AM-07, 21-AM-07
Tochtermann, Klaus19-PM1-05
Tokareva, Maria Sergeevna19-AM-09  Presenter
Tonellato, Marco20-PM1-06
Toral Martin, Sergio19-PM1-09
Tossan, Vesselina21-PM1-04
Trabelsi Trigui, Imen20-PM2-06
Trabucchi, Daniel20-PM1-01  Presenter
Trott, Paul20-PM2-01  Presenter
Tsai-Lin, Tung-Fei19-PM2-05
Tucci, ChristopherPlenary 4 - Open Innovation + News, Opportunities and Future Events
Tudoran, Ana Alina21-PM1-04