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Session Overview
20-PM1-11: W2 - Co-creation for Innovation Management: Shaping a Research Agenda (part 1)
Thursday, 20/Jun/2019:
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session Chair: Deborah Lynn Roberts, The York Management School
Location: Room PC 19

Session Abstract


Co-creation is being promoted as an important management practice, that offers significant benefits to the firm by helping organisations develop products and services that provide better value for the firm and its customers. Co-creation is a form of open innovation, which advocates collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge, technology and resources between a range of actors. It involves the joint creation of products and services by the firm and its network of entities such as suppliers, customers and users. Here the focus is on the ‚‘active involvement‘ of the participants involved in generating, designing and evaluating new innovations.

These developments have been expedited by the rise in the internet and social media, enabling customers to communicate, provide ideas, and take over activities traditionally performed by the firm. Co-creation is of interest because it fundamentally challenges the traditional view of the way the firm operates and has the potential to become a major source of competitive advantage. Within these multi-stakeholder collaborations both new forms of innovating and organizing, both informal and casual arrangements, are emerging presenting new opportunities and challenges. Co-creation creates new questions for theory, but it also raises new predicaments for practice. Therefore, this workshop seeks to:

• Synthesize what we know about current co-creation practices

• Assess the nature of the published empirical research on co-creation

• Examine the challenges that managers face in effectively leveraging and implementing the co-created solutions they receive

• Identify relevant gaps in the existing co-creation literature and highlight the most promising avenues for future research

• Co-create a research agenda that can inform a subsequent journal article that engages and addresses the needs of both academics and practitioners


Professor Deborah Roberts is Professor of Innovation Management and Marketing at The York Management School, , York University in the UK. Deborah will facilitate, and open the session, and give: An overview of NPD co-creation practices and research.

Dr Matthew O’Hern, of the University of New Hampshire will provide a systematic review of work in the field : Innovation Co-Creation: A relational synthesis & systematic review

Dr Simona Spedale of the Nottingham University Business School is an expert in organisational behaviour and will reflect on some of the main challenges that characterise co-creation as a fundamentally organisational process. : It's the people, stupid! Reflecting on co-creation as an organisational process.

Professor Frank Piller is a Professor of Management at RWTH Aachen University, where he heads the Technology & Innovation Management Group. He also is a co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab. Frank will provide a critical perspective and will present: Managing the challenges of co-creation

As experts in innovation, we are particularly keen to hear the views of our workshop participants. In particular our goal is to co-create a research agenda that can inform and serve as a basis for a future journal article on co-creation.

Who may wish to attend:

• Academics interested in shaping the research agenda in the age of open innovation

• Industry representatives involved in NPD, marketing and social media management

• Policy makers/ academics involved in skills education and training

Corresponding contact:

Prof. Deborah Roberts ( )

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An Overview of NPD Co-Creation Practices and Research

Deborah Lynn Roberts

The York Management School, United Kingdom

Innovation Co-Creation: A Relational Synthesis & Systematic Review

Matthew Shannon O'Hern

University of New Hampshire, United States of America

It's the People, Stupid! Reflecting on Co-Creation as an Organisational Process

Simona Spedale

Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom

Managing the Challenges of Co-Creation

Frank Piller


Co-creation and Co-Design: The Case of Digital Forming

Assa Ashuach

Assa Studio, United Kingdom

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