Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Datum: Donnerstag, 03.06.2021
Oscillatory contributions to successful memory formation
Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Chair: Marit Petzka, University of Birmingham
Chair: Sven Paẞmann, Universität Fribourg

Decoding retrieval success and memory content during short-term memory maintenance

Monika Schönauer, Sarah Alizadeh, Hamidreza Jamalabadi, Mirjam Emmersberger, Steffen Gais

Imprecise theta-gamma coupling underlies age differences in associative memory

Anna Karlsson, Myriam Sander

Theta's functional role in the encoding of declarative memory traces

Sandrine Baselgia, Björn Rasch, Sven Passmann

Theta’s functional role during nocturnal consolidation of declarative memory traces

Sven Paẞmann, Sandrine Baselgia, Björn Rasch

Sleep spindles track cortical learning patterns for memory consolidation

Marit Petzka

Mechanisms of associative learning: From simple habits to sophisticated cognitive maps
Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Chair: Lennart Luettgau, University College London
Chair: Stephan Nebe, Universität Zürich

Studying human habits in the lab: A novel experimental paradigm reveals inter-individual differences

Stephan Nebe, André Kretzschmar, Philippe N. Tobler

Reinstatement of cortical outcome representations during second-order conditioning

Lennart Luettgau, Emanuele Porcu, Claus Tempelmann, Gerhard Jocham

Stimulus-reward learning and generalization in structured environments

Mona Garvert, Eric Schulz, Tankred Saanum, Nicolas Schuck, Christian Doeller

Compositional generalization in multi-armed bandits

Eric Schulz

Influenca: gamified smartphone-based assessment of reward learning and momentary states

Monja Neuser, Franziska Kräutlein, Anne Kühnel, Vanessa Teckentrup, Jennifer Svaldi, Nils Kroemer

Datum: Freitag, 04.06.2021
How robust are the benefits of sleep on learning and memory?
Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Chair: David Philip Morgan, Central Institute of Mental Health
Chair: Gordon Feld, Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit - Universität Heidelberg

The impact of sleep deprivation on memory: A meta-analysis

Chloe Newbury, Rebecca Crowley, Kathleen Rastle, Jakke Tamminen

The benefits of sleep on episodic memory: A meta-analysis

Sabrina Berres, Edgar Erdfelder

Drawing conclusions from null findings in sleep research: An investigation of the impact of sleep on eyewitness identifications, a registered report.

David Philip Morgan, Jakke Tamminen, Travis Seale-Carlisle, Laura Mickes

Does sleep-dependent memory consolidation depend on information load?

Gordon Feld

Dynamic shaping of memory representations by physiological and cognitive processes
Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Chair: Svenja Brodt, Universität Tübingen
Chair: Monika Schönauer, University of Freiburg

Hippocampal vascularization as a potential reserve factor

Niklas Vockert

Anterior medial temporal lobe networks and memory for objects are affected in early stages of Alzheimer's disease

David Berron

Simulation-induced learning: Episodic simulations shape real-life attitudes

Philipp C. Paulus, Aroma Dabas, Annalena Felber, Roland G. Benoit

The neocortex rapidly acquires a content-specific representation of naturalistic learning material

Katja Kleespies, Madeleine W. Sumner, Elizabeth A. McDevitt, Christopher Baldassano, Uri Hasson, Kenneth A. Norman, Monika Schönauer

Sleep benefits memory retention by stabilizing functional activity and enhancing hippocampal independence in the posterior medial memory network, thalamus and striatum

Svenja Brodt

Sleep, physical, and mental wellbeing in a modern society – relevance of stress, media consumption, and artificial light
Ort: Learning, memory, and sleep
Chair: Christine Blume, Universität Basel
Chair: Christian Benedict, Uppsala University

Binge-watching in the sleep laboratory - effects of cliffhangers on sleep

Sandrine Baselgia, Selina L. Combertaldi, Dominique Wirz, Alexander Ort, Andreas Fahr, Björn Rasch

Bad sleep makes it harder to keep your waistline down

Christian Benedict

Pre-sleep artificial light exposure does not alter basic cognitive processing during sleep

Christine Blume, Christian Cajochen

The effect of sleep deprivation on the response to acute psychosocial stress in young and older adults

Johanna Schwarz, Andreas Gerhardsson, Wessel van Leeuwen, Mats Lekander, Mats Ericson, Håkan Fischer, Göran Kecklund, Torbjörn Åkerstedt