Conference Agenda

C4: Parallel Algorithms
Wednesday, 11/Sep/2019:
11:30 - 12:30

Session Chair: Erik D'Hollander
Location: Hall S8
30 persons, data projector, connection for a laptop


On Superlinear Speedups of a Parallel NFA Induction Algorithm

Tomasz JastrzÄ…b

Silesian University of Technology, Poland

A Domain Decomposition Reduced Order Model with Data Assimilation (DD-RODA)

Rossella Arcucci1, Dunhui Xiao1,2,3, Fangxin Fang1,3, Christopher Pain1,3, Yike Guo1

1Data Science Institute, Imperial College London; 2Swansea University, United Kingdom; 3Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London