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Session Overview
Date: Friday, 13/Sep/2019
Keynote Talk 8
Location: Hall S3
Chair: Erik D'Hollander

Jean-Marc Denis: European Processor Initiative: The European Vision for Exascale Ages and Beyond

Symp3-1: ECO-PAR
Location: Hall S10

Energy-efficiency evaluation of FPGAs for floating-point intensive workloads

Enrico Calore, Sebastiano Fabio Schifano

Direct N-body application on low-power and energy-efficient parallel architectures

David Goz, Georgios Ieronymakis, Vassilis Papaefstathiou, Nikolaos Dimou, Sara Bertocco, Antonio Ragagnin, Luca Tornatore, Giuliano Taffoni, Igor Coretti

A8: Parallel Applications
Location: Hall S4
Chair: Gerhard R. Joubert

Exploring high bandwidth memory for PET Image Reconstruction

Dai Yang, Tilman Küstner, Rami Al-Rihawi, Martin Schulz

Evaluating the C++/Kokkos library for productive multi-architecture implementation of non-destructive testing algorithms in tomographic reconstruction context

Ahmad AUDI, Vincent Bergeaud, Pierre Kestener

B8: Load Balancing Methods
Location: Hall S1
Chair: Siavash Ghiasvand

On the autotuning of task-based numerical libraries for heterogeneous architectures

Emmanuel Agullo, Jesús Cámara, Javier Cuenca, Domingo Giménez

Load-balancing for Large-Scale Soot Particle Agglomeration Simulations

Steffen Hirschmann, Andreas Kronenburg, Colin W. Glass, Dirk Pflüger

Symp2-3: ParaFPGA2019
Location: Hall S8
Chair: Erik D'Hollander

Parallel Programming Models


A Processor Architecture for Executing Global Cellular Automata as Software

Christian Ristig, Christian Siemers

Porting a Lattice Boltzmann simulation to FPGAs using OmpSs

Enrico Calore, Sebastiano Fabio Schifano

Symp3--1: ECO-PAR
Location: Hall S10

On the performance and energy efficiency of sparse matrix-vector multiplication on FPGAs

Panagiotis Mpakos, Nikela Papadopoulou, Chloe Alverti, Georgios Goumas, Nectarios Koziris

Energy consumption of large-scale MD calculations on hybrid and CPU-only supercomputers with air and immersion cooling

Ekaterina Dlinnova, Vladimir Stegailov

Evaluation of DVFS and Uncore Frequency Tuning under Power Capping on Intel Broadwell Architecture

Lubomir Riha, Ondrej Vysocky, Andrea Bartolini

Coffee Break & Exhibition
A9: Parallel Methods
Location: Hall S4
Chair: Frans Peters

A Hybrid MPI+Threads Approach to Group Finding Using Union-Find

James S. Willis, Matthieu Schaller, Pedro Gonnet, John Helly

B9: Parallel Programming
Location: Hall S1
Chair: Vladimir Getov

A GPU-CUDA framework for solving a two-dimensional inverse anomalous diffusion problem

Pasquale De Luca, Ardelio Galletti, Hadi Roohani Ghehsareh, Livia Marcellino, Marzie Raei

Acceleration of Hydro Poro-elastic Damage Simulation in a Shared-Memory Environment

Harel Levin, Gal Oren, Eyal Shalev, Vladimir Lyakhovsky

Symp3-2: ECO-PAR
Location: Hall S10

GPU acceleration of four-site water models in LAMMPS

Vsevolod Nikolskiy, Vladimir Stegailov

Performance, Power Consumption and Thermal Behavioral Evaluation of the DGX-2 Platform

Matej Spetko, Lubomir Riha, Branislav Jansik

Performance and energy efficiency of CUDA and OpenCL for GPU computing with Python

Håvard Heitlo Holm, André R Brodtkorb, Martin Lilleeng Sætra

Computational Performances and Energy Efficiency Assesment of a Lattice Boltzmann Method on Intel® KNL

Ivan Girotto, Sebastiano Fabio Schifano, Enrico Calore, Gianluca Di Staso, Federico Toschi


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