Conference Agenda

Keynote 2: Hong Hua, University of Arizona: "Progresses, challenges, and opportunities of head-mounted light field displays for Mixed Reality"
Wednesday, 23/Sept/2020:
3:10pm - 4:10pm

Session Chair: Mårten Sjöström
Location: Virtual platform

Session Abstract

Despite the high promises and the tremendous progress made recently toward the development of head-mounted displays (HMD) for both virtual and augmented reality displays, developing HMDs that offer uncompromised optical pathways to both digital and physical worlds without encumbrance and discomfort confronts many grand challenges, both from technological perspectives and human factors. In this plenary address, I will particularly focus on the recent progress, challenges and opportunities for developing head-mounted light field displays (LF-HMD), which are capable of rendering true 3D synthetic scenes with proper focus cues to stimulate natural eye accommodation responses and address the well-known vergence-accommodation conflict in conventional stereoscopic displays.