Conference Agenda

Keynote 1: Ivan Tashev, Microsoft Research: "Capture, Representation, and Rendering of 3D Audio"
Monday, 21/Sept/2020:
3:10pm - 4:10pm

Session Chair: Annamaria Mesaros
Location: Virtual platform

Session Abstract

Spatial audio is a set of emerging technologies, with main application in augmented and virtual reality, but it quickly finds its way up to so everyday activities, such as listening of stereo sound. The design of virtual and augmented reality devices requires realistic rendering of the 3D audio, which creates the need for technologies and algorithms for the entire chain of capture, process, and representation of spatial audio.

In this talk we will discuss:

Definition and brief history of the spatial audio technologies

Techniques for capturing of 3D audio using specialized microphone arrays, and its device independent representation using either high order ambisonics, or as sound objects and diffuse component

We will discuss human spatial hearing, defined by the Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF). As they are individual for each human being, personalization of the HRTF in modern spatial audio systems is important component of providing the best experience

Rendering of the spatial audio can be done using headphones, or through a set of loudspeakers. We will discuss potential scenarios and applications of both approaches

At the end, we will give examples of end-to-end applications with spatial audio and will draw conclusions