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The Role of Co-Creative Processes to Facilitate Change
Tuesday, 10/Sep/2019:
11:15am - 12:45pm

Location: Sydamerika
Conference Centre Wallenberg

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The Role of Co-Creative Processes to Facilitate Change

Johann Rehnberg, Sophia Kaså

Mistra Urban Future, Gothenburg, network Go-Create

Most concurrent development process are characterised by complex issues, which naturally suggests transdisciplinary co-production of knowledge. Many groups struggle with this and tend to simplify complexity rather than stay aligned and reduce issues to a level where it’s possible to make progress. From our perspective, a succesful approach includes aspects of inclusion, listening to all perspectives, dealing with resistance and conflict, and collaborative decision-making, with the overall aim of creating more sustainable results.

This workshop invites you to experience simple facilitated methods to explore perspectives on experiences and challenges when exploring complex issues, and additionally relate to a context of diverging and converging development.

The hands-on experience will combine tools and techniques to, in an initial 60 min exercise:

- make participants feel safe and comfortable with the subject of discusssion and each other

- facilitate initial dialogue based on suggested key perspectives

- facilitate dialogue on subjects with many perspectives, and various levels of resistance and/or conflict.

And, additionally, in the following 30 min presentation by the facilitators (and participants) relate the experience to:

- a “diamond” model that explains aspects of diverging and converging phases.

- a facilitator’s approach of harvesting perspectives/valuable assets/keys to progress

The intention of the workshop is to allow the participants (and facilitators) to experience

co-creative dialogue when exploring issues of complexity, with diversity of perspectives, and maybe some level of stakeholder resistance. The objective of the workshop is to make “aha´s and oh-no´s”, allowing the participants to become aware of their own role in co-creative processes; skills and competencies to lead processes, promoting collaborative learning etc.

The workshop will be facilitated by members of the Co-Create network, a network consisting of close to 50 persons involved in co-creative development processes, and hosted by Mistra Urban Future, Gothenburg.

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