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Location: George Benson Room
Date: Tuesday, 21/June/2022
ISIR-Circular: Circularity in Infrastructure
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Raymond Smith
11:00am - 11:18am

LCA of Eastman’s Molecular Recycling Technologies

Randall Waymire

11:18am - 11:36am

Analyzing Material Stock and Renovation Outflow of a Building Stock for Circular Economy

Rezvan Mohammadiziazi, Melissa Bilec

11:36am - 11:54am

Plastics Recycling in the U.S.: Flows and Recycling Processes for PET

Raymond Smith

11:54am - 12:12pm

Sustainability assessment for the U.S. domestic paper recycling system and future pathways to increase the paper recycling rate

Enze Jin, Stijn van Ewijk, Koichi S. Kanaoka, Yohannes A. Alamerew, Kornel F. Ehmann, Marian R. Chertow, Eric Masanet

ISIR-Bio: Harnessing the Biosphere
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Dong-Yeon (D-Y) Lee
2:00pm - 2:18pm

A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Local Food Production Systems to Conventional Centralized Agriculture in the Contiguous United States

Matthew Reid Maynard, Jenna Stubbers, Jesse Burkhardt, Jason C. Quinn

2:18pm - 2:36pm

Life Cycle Assessment of Biochemicals with Clear Near-Term Market Potential

Chao Liang, Ulises R. Gracida-Alvarez, Troy R. Hawkins, Jennifer B. Dunn

2:36pm - 2:54pm

Modeling Glyphosate Potential Zones in the Belize River Watershed Using GIS Remote Sensing techniques

Pedro Jesse Martin, Shakira Renee Hobbs

2:54pm - 3:12pm

The Potential for Bioenergy Projects to Achieve Negative Emissions

Derrick R. Carlson, Ben Young, Timothy J. Skone

3:12pm - 3:30pm

Life Cycle Assessment of the Global Warming Potential Associated with Managed Aquifer Recharge Technologies

Marie Buhl, Marie-Odile P. Fortier

Date: Wednesday, 22/June/2022
ISIR-Mat: Innovations in Materials
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Christine Costello
9:00am - 9:18am

Material Flows of graphite in the United States

Jinrui Zhang, Chao Liang, Jennifer B. Dunn

9:18am - 9:36am

Life Cycle Analysis of Mineralization of Concrete Products for CO2 Utilization

Sheikh Moni, Joseph Chou, Michelle Krynock, Michele Mutchek, Timothy J. Skone

9:36am - 9:54am

Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Consumption from Existing and Emerging Hydrogen Pathways

Megan Henriksen, John White, Jadon Grove, Liam Walsh, H. Scott Matthews, Timothy J. Skone, Matthew Jamieson

9:54am - 10:12am

Greenhouse gas emissions of construction materials in transportation infrastructure: A case study

Milad Ashtiani, Monica Huang, Meghan Lewis, Kathrina Simonen

ISIR-Transp: Transportation Transition
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Obste Therasme
Chair: Dong-Yeon (D-Y) Lee
11:00am - 11:18am

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Noah Horesh, Dominic Dallago, Jason Quinn

11:18am - 11:36am

Reducing transportation greenhouse gas emissions with electrofuels and biofuels as the grid decarbonizes

Doris O. Oke, Jennifer B. Dunn, Troy R. Hawkins

11:54am - 12:12pm

GHG emissions from novel aviation fuel production pathway from captured CO2

Emily Nishikawa, Sylvia Sleep, Grant Pace, Courtney Jiggetts, Stafford Sheehan, Joule Bergerson

12:12pm - 12:30pm

Comparing Lifecycle Emissions of Novel Biofuels for Marine Applications

Farhad Hossain Masum, George G. Zaimes, Eric C.D. Tan, Shuyun Li, Karthikeyan Ramasamy, Troy R. Hawkins

ISIR-Electric: Electric Transition
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Daniel Posen
2:30pm - 2:48pm

Economic Viability of Natural Gas Power Plants with Carbon Capture and Electrically Charged Thermal Energy Storage

Ethan J Markey, Roberto Vercellino, Braden J Limb, Maxwell Pisciotta, Joe Huyett, Shane Garland, Peter Psarras, Daniel R Herber, Jason C Quinn, Todd Bandhauer

2:48pm - 3:06pm

Multi-objective optimization of a microgrid for an islanded community

Roozbeh Ghasemi, Weiwei Mo, Martin Wosnik

3:06pm - 3:24pm

Global Battery Material Requirements and Criticality for 2020-2040 Stationary Storage Demand

Nyla Khan, Paulina Jaramillo, Jay Whitacre

3:24pm - 3:42pm

Effects of incorporating productive uses of electricity from agriculture on least-cost electrification planning in Ethiopia

Jorge Izar-Tenorio, Charles Van-Hein Sackey, Destenie Nock, Paulina Jaramillo, Nathan Williams, Fhazhil Wamalwa

3:42pm - 4:00pm

Cost and Employment Trade-offs in Replacing Coal-Fired Electricity Generation with Low Carbon Technologies across the United States

Max Vanatta, Bhavesh Rathod, Julian Florez, Isaac Bromley-Dulfano, Dylan Smith, Michael Craig

Date: Thursday, 23/June/2022
ISIR-Resil: Infrastructure Resilience
Location: George Benson Room
Chair: Roozbeh Ghasemi
Chair: Weiwei Mo
9:00am - 9:18am

An Exploratory Study of Criteria for Transition to Infrastructure Resilience

Marie Buhl, Samuel A. Markolf

9:18am - 9:36am

Balancing efficiency and resilience trade-offs in pursuit of sustainable and adaptable infrastructure systems

Samuel Markolf, Alysha Helmrich, Yeowon Kim, Ryan Hoff, Mikhail Chester

9:36am - 9:54am

Measuring the Social Burden of Infrastructure Disruptions to Inform Resilience Planning

Susan Clark, Sara Peterson, Michael Shelly, Bobby Jeffers

9:54am - 10:12am

Evaluation of Economic and Environmental Benefits of Multi-Unit Dwelling Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Using Real World Charging Data

Noah Horesh, Yan Zhou, Jason Quinn

10:12am - 10:30am

(Pre-recorded) Improving infrastructure resiliency to earthquakes through biomediated liquefaction mitigation

Aisha Faruqi

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