Conference Agenda

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Session Overview
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Date: Tuesday, 25/Jun/2019
FEW-1: Dynamic Systems Modeling in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Weiwei Mo
2:00pm - 2:30pm

Balancing hydropower, fish population, and fish biodiversity through temporal and spatial coordination

Cuihong Song, Weiwei Mo

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Potential Emissions Changes from Refrigerated Supply Chain Introduction and Mitigation Opportunities

Brent R. Heard, Shelie A. Miller

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Assessing impacts of climate change on maize and soybean yields in the southeastern United States using historical linear regression model and an ensemble of emulators

Hai Nguyen, Christine Costello, Kangwon Seo, Paulina Jaramillo

FEW-2: Agriculture & Water
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Yuan Yao
4:00pm - 4:20pm

Food-Grade Products from Food-Grade Wastes Applied to Urban Agriculture

Peter J Lammers, Mark Seger, John McGowen, Weiss Taylor, John Edel, Leonard Lerer

4:20pm - 4:40pm

An Integrated Life-Cycle Modeling Framework for Dynamic Agriculture Systems

Kai Lan, Yuan Yao

4:40pm - 5:00pm

Full Batch Reverse Osmosis Integration with different Renewable Sources

Eduardo J. Fenollal, Timothy Robert Simon, Bernadi Restrepo Torres, David Warsinger, Luciano Castillo

5:00pm - 5:20pm

Updating Life Cycle Assessment of Protein Rich Foods to Account for Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Scores

Andrew James Berardy, Carol Johnston, Alexandra Plukis, Maricarmen Vizcaino, Christopher Wharton

Date: Wednesday, 26/Jun/2019
FEW-3: Diet and Food Waste
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Hanna Marie Breunig
Chair: Ian Vázquez-Rowe
8:00am - 8:20am

Food Choices and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Evaluating Energy Demand, Water Scarcity and Carbon Footprints of Self-Selected Diets in the U.S.

Martin C. Heller, Amelia Willits-Smith, Gregory Keoleian, Diego Rose

8:20am - 8:40am

Optimizing the environmental performance of food diets in Peru using Linear Programming and Life Cycle Assessment

Ian Vázquez-Rowe, Gustavo Larrea-Gallegos

8:40am - 9:00am

Carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas mitigation, and hydrologic benefit potential of land applying bioenergy byproducts derived from food waste

Hanna Marie Breunig, Jahon Amirebrahimi, Corinne Scown

9:00am - 9:20am

Spatial optimization of food waste recycling infrastructure in California

Sara Pace, Lauren Mabe, Edward Spang

ET-1: Emerging tech for electronics and power systems
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Daniel Posen
10:30am - 10:50am

The Role of Long Duration Energy Storage in Decarbonizing Power Systems

Aurora Edington, Jesse Jenkins, Nestor Sepulveda, Dharik Mallapragada, Francis O'Sullivan

10:50am - 11:10am

Power System Planning at High Wind and Solar Penetrations Under Climate Change in Texas

Michael Craig, Paulina Jaramillo, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Bart Nijssen, Carlo Brancucci

11:10am - 11:30am

Comparative Life Cycle Analysis for Value Recovery of Precious Metals and Rare Earth Elements from Electronic Waste

Zhen Li, Luis A. Diaz, Zhiyao Yang, Hongyue Jin, Tedd E. Lister, Ehsan Vahidi, Fu Zhao

11:30am - 11:50am

Semiconductors to Smart Devices: Capturing the System-Wide Impacts of a Growing Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure

Arman Shehabi, Alberta Carpenter, Joe Cresko, Sujit Das, Diane Graziano, William Morrow, Sachin Nimbalkar, Samantha Reese, Sarang Supekar, Paul Syers

ET-2: Tools for assessing energy systems
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Stefano Cucurachi
2:00pm - 2:20pm

Techno-economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment for Biosorption of Rare Earth Elements from Coal by-products

Majid Alipanah Doolabi, Hongyue Jin, Dan M. Park, Aaron W. Brewer, Yongqin Jiao

2:20pm - 2:40pm

Quantifying Energy Demand and GHG Emissions of Activated Carbon Production from Diverse Woody Biomass: An Predictive Modeling Framework of Artificial Neural Network and Kinetic Based Simulation

Mochen Liao, Stephen Kelley, Yuan Yao

2:40pm - 3:00pm

Transportation Network Companies Have Improved Personal Transportation Energy Intensity Across and Within U.S. Metropolitan Areas: A Combined Clustering and Regression Analysis

Jacob Ward, Jeremy Michalek, Inês Azevedo, Costa Samaras, Pedro Ferreira

3:00pm - 3:20pm

How Technology Assessment Tools Can Inform Life Cycle Assessments of Emerging Technologies

Sylvia Sleep, Alireza Aslani, Joule Bergerson

ET-3: Approaches for assessing emerging tech
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Joule Bergerson
4:00pm - 4:20pm

Uncertainty of product systems in LCA of emerging technologies

Stefano Cucurachi, Carlos Felipe Blanco, Jeroen Guinee, Reinout Heijungs, Willie Peijnenburg, Martina Vijver

4:20pm - 4:40pm

A harmonized life cycle approach to improve the environmental performance and life cycle assessment guidelines for carbon capture and utilization (CCU) based methanol production

Dwarak Ravikumar, Gregory Keoleian, Shelie Miller

4:40pm - 5:00pm

Evolving Prospective Analysis of Emerging Technology

William Morrow, Joe Cresko, Arman Shehabi

5:00pm - 5:20pm

Comparison of Computer Workstation Business Models: Device as a Service (DaaS) vs. Traditional Ownership

Tom Etheridge, Angela Fisher, William Flanagan, Ruben Roc

Date: Thursday, 27/Jun/2019
ET-4: Case studies in emerging tech
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Derrick R. Carlson
8:30am - 8:50am

Sustainable manufacturing of polymeric materials: life cycle and techno-economic analysis of soybean oil-based acrylic monomers production

Na Wu, Zoriana Demchuk, Andriy Voronov, Ghasideh Pourhashem

8:50am - 9:10am

Techno-economic and Life Cycle Assessment Framework for Methane Storage in Advanced Porous Materials

Aikaterini Anastasopoulou, Hanna Breunig, Eric Sundstrom

9:10am - 9:30am

Integration of TEA and LCA for Sustainable Process Design- A Case Study of Wastewater Treatment Using Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR)

Roksana Mahmud, Karen High, Michael Carbajales-Dale

9:30am - 9:50am

Cost-effectiveness of continuous H2 production using integrated PV-electrolysis-storage systems

Dharik Mallapragada, Patrick Insinger, Emre Gençer

ET-5: Building a community for LCA of emerging technologies
Location: Weidler/Halsey
Chair: Mik Carbajales-Dale
10:30am - 12:00pm

Building a community for LCA of emerging technologies

Mik Carbajales-Dale, Joule Bergerson, Jeremiah Johnson, Thomas Seager, William Morrow III, Joe Cresko, Marcelle McManus, Sean McCoy, Eric Williams, Daniel Posen, Heather Maclean, Garvin Heath, Tim Skone, Adam Brandt, Scott Matthews, Shelie Miller, Stefano Cucurachi, Valentina Prado, Derrick Carlson, Michael Wang, Arman Shehabi, Alberta Carpenter