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Session Overview
Location: Multnomah/Holladay
Date: Tuesday, 25/Jun/2019
Opening Keynote: Prioritizing systems level sustainability actions in Oregon
Location: Multnomah/Holladay

Prioritizing systems level sustainability actions in Oregon

Minal Mistry, Peter Canepa

Poster Session
Location: Multnomah/Holladay
Chair: Derrick R. Carlson
Chair: Brandon Kuczenski

A decision-tool for managing the end-of-life of commercial lighting

Lixi Liu

A general LCA framework for prospective environmental evaluation of emerging technologies: a case study of perovskite PV cells

Sheikh Moniruzzaman Moni, Karen High, Michael Carbajales-Dale

A systematic methodology for improving resource efficiency in small and medium-sized manufacturing industries

Jun-Ki Choi

Applying resource criticality method in life cycle assessment to critical materials

Tai-Yuan Huang, Fu Zhao

Are e-scooters polluters?

Joseph Arden Hollingsworth, Brenna Copeland, Jeremiah Johnson

Assessment of Environmental Impact by the operation of a Solid Refuse Fuel Power Plant

Sang-Yeop Lee, Ha-Na Jang, Jin-Ho Sung, Eun-Song Lee, Yong-Chil Seo

Automated Content Analysis of Rare Earth Research from 1965 to 2018

Xuda Lin, Xing Li, Tai-Yuan Huang, Fu Zhao

Behavior of mercury in coal-fired power plants and application of best available technology for reducing mercury emission

Yong-Chil Seo, Jin-Ho Sung, Soo-Jin Cho, Eun-Song Lee, Ha-na Jang, Sang-Yup Lee

Blockchains for Sustainable Supply Chains

Arun Nambiar

Butadiene Substance Flow Analysis and Management in South Korea

Seung-Jin Lee, Jang Woo Kim, Yong Woo Hwang, Junbeum Kim, Youngwoon Kim, Sha Chen

Climate Adaptive Innovation in high Himalayan Villages

Carey Clouse

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Lager and Ale Beer Production at the Microbrewery Level

Benjamin M Stryker, Greg Dieter, Megan Townsend, Eric Van de Riet

Ecosystem Services & LCA: A Bibliometric Analysis

Calli VanderWilde

Determining the social, environmental, technical, and physical barriers to engaging in aquaponics and sustainable agricultural systems in São Carlos, Brazil

Alexandria Brewer

Environmental and economic assessment of future electricity scenarios for remote communities in developing countries

Jhud Mikhail Aberilla, Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Laurence Stamford, Adisa Azapagic

Environmental Product Declaration for a single family house: Results interpretation

haibo feng, kasun hewage, rehan sadiq

Expert Assessments from a Workshop on Automotive Fuel Cell Cost and Refueling Station Availability

Michael Whiston, Inês L. Azevedo, Shawn Litster, Kate S. Whitefoot, Constantine Samaras, Jay F. Whitacre

Feedstock recycling of mixed plastic waste using Pyrolysis

Sachin Jadhao, Seethamraju Srinivas

Health and Environmental Risks Associated with Fused Deposition Modeling Emission Profile

Timothy Robert Simon, Fu Zhao

Impact assessment of industrial symbiosis - the case of Synergie Québec

Julien Beaulieu, Jennifer Pinna

Impacts of cannabis legalization on waste management in the United States

Aisha Faruqi, Hanjiro Ambrose, Alissa Kendall

Influence of Geographic Factors on the Life Cycle Climate Change Impacts of Sustainable Energy Systems

Marie-Odile Fortier

Integrated techno-economic and life cycle assessment of the conversion of distiller’s grains to renewable fuels and higher value protein products

Katherine DeRose, Ryan W Davis, Jason C Quinn

Life Cycle Assessment of Coal Fired Power Plants in the Southeastern USA

Aline Banboukian

Life Cycle Assessment of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with the Eucalyptus to Ethanol Pathway in Brazil

Vanya Lila Britto, Daniel Posen, Paulina Jaramillo

Life Cycle Comparison of Manual & Machine Dishwashing in American Homes

Gabriela Yvonne Porras

Meeting challenges in cooling for the Global South

Mengyao Yuan, Jasmine Lim, Paulina Jaramillo, Ken Caldeira

Modeling Ion Transport and other Electrochemical Phenomena of a novel Membraneless Non-Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Korey Cook

Preliminary evaluation of the use of Building Information Modeling to support decision-making in the retrofit of public schools in Peru

Sandra Santa Cruz, Ian Vázquez-Rowe, Xavier Brioso, Lisselyn Cristina Córdova

Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment of Decentralized Preprocessing System for Fast Pyrolysis Biorefineries with Blended Feedstocks in the Southeastern United States

Kai Lan, Sunkyu Park, Stephen S. Kelley, Longwen Ou, Burton C. English, T. Edward Yu, James Larson, Yuan Yao

Techno-Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis of Guayule and Guar

Evan Sproul, Hailey Summers, Jason C Quinn

Using Persuasive Technology for Improved Sustainability

Arun Nambiar

Remarkable Energy Use Rebound Effect of Self-Driving Vehicles

Morteza Taiebat, Samuel Stolper, Ming Xu

How does land management change impact life-cycle assessment of net greenhouse gas emissions for bioenergy cropping systems?

Baishali Dutta, Daniel Posen, Heather MacLean

Date: Wednesday, 26/Jun/2019
Location: Multnomah/Holladay
Plenary: Chefs, Farmers and the Sustainability Journey
Location: Multnomah/Holladay
Chair: Thomas Seager

An interactive dialog with a diverse group of panelists on the sustainability of food.  Featuring: Seth Tibbot, Founder of the Tofurky company, Katie Cantrell of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Chrissie Zaerpoor of Kookoolan Farms, and Steven Ward, Executive Chef of the DoubleTree Portland Hotel

Lunch and keynote: Mike Kerby--Exxon Mobil--Corporate Strategic Research Manager
Location: Multnomah/Holladay

Date: Thursday, 27/Jun/2019
Breakfast Day 3
Location: Multnomah/Holladay
Conference close: Keynote: Andrew Leach, U Alberta, Calgary, Race4Good presentations
Location: Multnomah/Holladay