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Data Privacy Agreement

In order to use the ConfTool system, you will create a user account with your personal details. Your user data, your actions and the results of your actions will be stored within the system.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

Information stored in the ConfTool system will exclusively be used in relation to this event or a subsequent event. Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the organization of the event, for billing purposes or for legal reasons (e. g. in the case of an external audit), but it will not be distributed or sold to other parties for other purposes.

Right to Information

Upon request, the organisers of this event will provide you, in writing, with all personal data they have stored about you. You can inquire where the data were collected, to whom they are disclosed and the purposes for which they have been stored.

Declaration of content

Speakers are responsible for the content of their own presentations. You warrant that you have obtained the prior written permission of copyright and other right holders for any excerpts of copyrighted or otherwise protected works and/or other copyrighted or otherwise protected material contained in the submission. You further warrant that you have accurately and completely indicated all sources in your documents and that you have received all permission necessary to give the lecture, reproduce it and make it available to the public on a website.

The presenters unconditionally agree to indemnify the ISTMST against any loss, damage, any claim, any liability, conviction or compensation. This includes, without limitation, all costs and expenses, other (legal) claims, penalties and reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of, resulting from or related to any copyright infringement and/or any infringement of intellectual, industrial or other property and/or other rights of third parties.

I agree that the ISMST will make my presentation available to the public on the ISMST-Website: www.

Privacy Statement

By accepting the privacy agreement you also confirm that you read the privacy statement of the operators of this ConfTool installation.

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