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S04: Oral 4 - Diagnostics and Asset Management of Transformers
Monday, 26/Aug/2019:
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Chair: Ernst Gockenbach
Secretary: Richard Cselko, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Location: Bartók

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Multidimensional Analysis of a Real Transformer Fleet Based on the Evaluation of Oil Properties

Sebastian Schreiter1,2, Holger Lohmeyer3, Peter Werle4

1HTWK Leipzig, Leipzig University of Applied Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of electric power systems; 2FTZ Leipzig e.V., Research and transfer centre at the HTWK Leipzig, Germany; 3ABB AG, Halle/Saale, Germany; 4Leibniz University Hannover, Institute of Electric Power Systems, Division of High Voltage Engineering and Asset Management, Schering-Institute, Germany

Estimation of the Ageing Condition of Oil-filled Transformers based on the Oil Parameters Using a Novel Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

Tobias Kinkeldey1, Tobias Münster1, Peter Werle1, Suwarno Suwarno2, Kai Hämel3, Jörg Preusel3

1Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany; 2School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia; 3GRIDINSPECT GmbH, Feldatal, Germany

Correlation of Dielectric Parameters and Insulation Properties of Power Transformers

Martin Anglhuber

OMICRON, Austria

Analysis of the Calculation of Translating the Dielectric Spectroscopy of Major Insulation of Transformer to Oil-impregnated Paper Using XY Model

Qingchuan Xu, Fuchang Lin, Hua Li, Haoqian Wu, Xiantao Tao

State Key Laboratory of Advanced Electromagnetic Engineering and Technology, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 430074, P. R. China

Moisture Saturation as a Universal Evaluation Criterion for Water Contamination in Insulation Systems

Maik Koch1, Stefan Tenbohlen2

1Magdeburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany; 2University of Stuttgart, Germany