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S35: Dialogue 11
Thursday, 29/Aug/2019:
4:30pm - 6:00pm

Chair: Josef Pihera, University of West Bohemia
Secretary: Attila Mátrai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Location: Foyer and Bartók

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Effect of Repetitive Square Wave Voltage Rise Time on Treeing Characteristics in Epoxy Resin

Yiwen Chen1, Peng Wang1, Qi Wu1, Neng Yang1, Jiawei Zhang2

1Sichuan University, People's Republic of China; 2Northeast Electric Power University, People's Republic of China

Development and Characterization of a Transient Overvoltage Recorder in Distribution Networks

Luis Eduardo Perdomo Orjuela1,2, Andres Alfonso1,2, Francisco Santamaria1, Francisco Roman2

1Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas; 2Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Study On Charge And Discharge Phenomenon Of Lithium Ion Battery Under High Electric Field

Shoki Tsuji, Yoji Fujita, Hiroaki Urushibata, Akihiko Kono, Ryoichi Hanaoka, Masato Koyama

Japan, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Condition Evaluation of High Voltage Transmission Line in Thailand

Thanapong Suwanasri, Waraporn Luejai, Cattareeya Suwanasri

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

Cost-Benefit Evaluation for HV Transmission Line Renovation and Replacement Based on Failure Probability and Risk-based Maintenance

Cattareeya Suwanasri, Thanapong Suwanasri, Waraporn Luejai, Surapol Saribut

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

Development of Managing Assets Support Program by Considering Regular Maintenance Cost and Statistically Expected Failure Cost

Tsuguhiro Takahashi

Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan

Risk Assessment of Power Transformer in Thailand's Distribution Grids

Thanapong Suwanasri, Suphon Kumpalavalee, Cattareeya Suwanasri

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

Investigation of Complex Permittivity of XLPO Insulated Photovoltaic DC Cables due to Thermal Aging

Ehtasham Mustafa, Ramy S.A. Afia, Zoltán Ádám Tamus

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

The Variation of Electric Field ob The Conductor Surface Characteristiced by Space Charge Density

Ruijin Liao1, Hongbo Liu1, Xuetong Zhao1, Lulu Ren1, Yuandi Lin2

1Chongqing University, China; 2State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company Research Institute,China

"Evaluation of Wind Turbine Earthing System"

Sokratis Pastromas1, Ioannis Naxakis1, Sofia Xerra2, Konstantinos Koutras1, Eleftheria Pyrgioti1

1University of Patras, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rion-Patras, Greece; 2University of Patras, Department of Physics, Rion-Patras, Greece

Infulenced Voltages on Pipelines by Overhead Lines Operated at AC, DC and with Lightning Conditions

Thomas Huecker1, Volkhard Schroeder2

1HTW Berlin, Germany; 2Steffel KKS, Germany

Influence of Different Factors on the Interruption Characteristics of Paralleled of High-Voltage SF6 Circuit Breakers with a Highly Coupled Split Reactor

Wenxiong Mo1, Haibo Su1, Yong Wang1, Lin Gan1, Junxiang Liu1, Ze Guo2, Le Gu1, Lu Zhu1, Xingwen Li2, Shengya Qiao1

1Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd., Guangzhou, 510410, P. R. China; 2State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, 710049, P. R. China

Investigation of High Altitude/Tropospheric Correction Factors for Electric Aircraft Applications

Athanasios Mermigkas, David Clark, A. Haddad

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Siad-Aero: A New Methodology For The Inspection Of Energy Assets

Alexandre Dominice1, Fernando Teixeira Abrahão2, Ricardo Augusto Tavares3, Alexandre Barreto4

1ITA – Technological Institute of Aeronautics, Brazil and EDP Brazil - Energy of Portugal; 2ITA – Technological Institute of Aeronautics, Brazil; 3Energias Energy Efficiency; 4Energias Energy Efficiency

The Effect Of Humidity On Corona Characteristics

Dengjin Wu, Hongwei Mei, Tianying Shao, Liming Wang

Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, China, People's Republic of

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