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S36: Dialogue 12
Thursday, 29/Aug/2019:
4:30pm - 6:00pm

Chair: Peter Werle, LUH, Schering-Institut
Secretary: László Székely, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Location: Foyer and Bartók

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Partial Discharge Characteristics of Palm Fatty Acid Ester for Dissolved Gas Analysis

Yunwen He1, Kiyoshi Wakimoto2, Yang Xu1, Shengtao Li1

1Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, People's Republic of; 2MEIDENSHA CORPORATION,Shizuoka,Japan

Investigation on Performances and Functions of Power Emergency Diesel Generators

ZiChong Zhang1, YuQuan Liu1, WenXiong Mo1, HongBin Wang1, ZhiGuo An1, Han Liu1, LinHuan Luo1, Zhong Wang2

1GUANGZHOU POWER SUPPLY CO., LTD, China, People's Republic of; 2School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Sichuan University,China, People's Republic of

Propagation Characteristics of Partial Discharge Radiated Electromagnetic Waves for Insulation Diagnosis of Oil-Filled Bushing

Tadahiro Fujimura1, Seiya Masuda1, Masahiro Kozako1, Masayuki Hikita1, Takashi Yamamoto2, Shigemitsu Okabe2, Masaaki Nakahata3

1Kyushu Institute of Technology; 2Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.; 3TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.

Multidimensional Investigation of Transformer Oil Properties

Sebastian Schreiter1,2, Holger Lohmeyer3, Peter Werle4

1HTWK Leipzig, Leipzig University of Applied Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of electric power systems; 2FTZ Leipzig e.V., Research and transfer centre at the HTWK Leipzig, Germany; 3ABB AG, Halle/Saale, Germany; 4Leibniz University Hannover, Institute of Electric Power Systems, Division of High Voltage Engineering and Asset Management, Schering-Institute, Germany

Influence on Formation of Methanol and Ethanol in oil-filled Transformers under Accelerated Thermal Aging

Kristin Homeier1, Mohammad Taghi Imani1, Tobias Münster1, Tobias Kinkeldey1, Dirk Philipp2, Peter Werle1

1Leibniz Universität Hannover IfES, Germany; 2Analysen-Service GmbH Leipzig, Germany

Statistic Based Method For Post-Processing Analysis In Lifetime Investigations Of Multi-Factor Aged Winding Insulation

Alessandro Cimino1, Jörg Horst2, Frank Jenau1

1TU Dortmund University, Germany; 2Bielefeld University of Applied Science

Construction of Novel Online Partial Discharge Monitoring System in Model Power Apparatus using Power Line Communication

Hina Yoshikawa1, Seiya Masuda1, Yasutomo Kakimoto1, Nuraida Puspitasari1, Yusuke Nakano1, Masahiro Kozako1, Masayuki Hikita1, Hidefumi Sato2, Hideki Tagashira2, Kazuhito Ishida2

1Kyushu Institute of Technology; 2Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.

Insulator Diagnostics Through A Dielectric E-Field Sensor

Andrea Barbareschi Villa, Luca Barbieri, Roberto Malgesini

RSE, Italy

Condition Assessment Of DC XLPE Cables Based On Combination Weighting Method

Yufeng Zhu1, Siyuan Wang2, Cong Li2, Yongpeng Xu1, Gehao Sheng1, Xiuchen Jiang1

1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; 2State Grid Jinan Electric Power Supply Company, China

Terminal Configuration and Sensitivity Analysis of Tank Current Measurement for FRA Diagnostics of Three-Phase Transformer Winding Model

V S B Chaitanya Duvvury, Saurav Pramanik

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Press-pack IGBT with On-State Collector-Emitter Voltage

Cao Zhan, Lingyu Zhu, Chenshuo Liu, Liang Pan, Jiangyu Liu, Shengchang Ji

Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China

Non-linear Dynamic Response of a Grounding Electrode

Ricardo R. Diaz1,2, Jose N. Silva1, Adolfo Parellada1

1National University of Tucuman, Argentine Republic; 2CONICET

Thermal Aging of Photovoltaic Cables Based Cross-Linked Polyolefin (XLPO) Insulation

Ramy Afia1,2, Ehtasham Mustafa1, Zoltán Ádám Tamus1

1Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary; 2Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

Research on Energy Harvesting and Its Application in Thermal Condition Monitoring of Three-core Power Cables

Tingxi Sun1, Xiangfeng Zeng2, Yuxin Lu3, Hongjie Li3

1Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation,China, People's Republic of; 2State Grid Changsha Power Supply Company,China, People's Republic of; 3Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, People's Republic of

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