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S33: Dialogue 9
Thursday, 29/Aug/2019:
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Chair: Pavel Trnka, University of West Bohemia
Secretary: Dávid Kalmár, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Location: Foyer and Bartók

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An Application of Up-and-down Method to 50% Multiphase Flashover for Lightning Overvoltages

Shozo Sekioka

Shonan Institute of Technology, Japan

On The Use Of Uhf Sensors In The Detection And Characterization Of Pulsed Plasma Discharges

Luis Orellana1, Jorge Alfredo Rey2, Gonzalo Avaria3, Benjamin Cevallos4, Cristian Pavez5, Roger Schurch6, Leopoldo Soto7

1Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 2Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 3Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission; 4Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 5Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission; 6Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 7Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission

Methods for Field Measurement of the Frequency-Dependent Soil Electrical Properties: Evaluation of Electrode Arrangements through FEM Computations

Zacharias G. Datsios, Pantelis N. Mikropoulos, Evangelos T. Staikos

High Voltage Laboratory, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Effect of Quenching on Dielectric Properties of ZnO Varistor Ceramics

Kangning Wu, Yuwei Huang, Jianying Li

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, People's Republic of

Characteristics of Failed Bypass Diodes for Photovoltaic Module by Artificial and Natural Lightning

Toshiyuki Hamada1, Kenta Nakamoto1, Ikuo Nanno1, Norio Ishikura2, Shinichiro Oke3, Masayuki Fujii4

1National Institute of Technology, Ube College, Japan; 2National Institute of Technology, Yonago College, Japan; 3National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College, Japan; 4National Institute of Technology, Oshima College, Japan

Improvement of Overhead Transmission Lines Lightning Protection by Line Arresters with Separate Groundings and Shielding Wires Fixed at Insulation Racks

Georgy Viktorovich Podporkin

Streamer, Russian Federation

Analysis of the Frequency Response of a Grounding System Using the Finite Element Method

Arthur Andrade1, George Lira1, Pedro Monteiro1, Helder Pereira1, Edson Costa1, Rômulo Teixeira2

1Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil; 2Light S.A.

Experimental Analysis and Suppression for Very Fast Transient Disturbance in Device Power Port During Switching Operation in GIS Substations.

Siqiao Ge, Weidong Liu

Tsinghua University, China, People's Republic of

Lightning Performance Of Air Insulated High Voltage Substations

Christos A. Christodoulou, Vasiliki Vita, Lambros Ekonomou

ASPETE-School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece

LPS and Grounding System for Light Rail Transit in Tropical Area with High Lightning Density

Wisnu Adyatma S, Reynaldo Zoro

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia

High Voltage Cable System Transient Insulation Co-ordination To Determine The Need For GIS Surge Arresters

Peet Schutte1, Chris van der Merwe2, John van Coller3

1Eskom, South Africa; 2Trans Africa Projects, South Africa; 3University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Dynamic Non-linearity of Impulse Digitisers and Its Effects on Impulse Voltage Measurement

Wei Yan, Yi Li

National Measurement Institute, Australia

Analysis of the Influence of Soil Stratification Models on Different Grounding System Configurations

George Lira1, Matheus Alves1, André Nobrega1, Arthur Andrade1, Edson Costa1, Rômulo Teixeira2

1Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil; 2Light S.A.

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