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S15: Dialogue 3
Tuesday, 27/Aug/2019:
4:30pm - 6:00pm

Chair: Michael Hartje, Hochschule Bremen
Secretary: Dávid Szabó, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Location: Foyer and Bartók

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Investigation on the Variation of Surface Morphologies of HVDC Conductors in the Presence of Particulate Matter

Haibing Li, Jie Zhu, Xingming Bian

North China Electric Power University, China, People's Republic of

Introducing An Inductive Loop Sensor As An Aternative To Record The Phenomena Of A Dense Plasma Focus Of 400J

Luis Orellana1, Jorge Alfredo Rey2, Gonzalo Avaria3, Benjamin Cevallos4, Cristian Pavez5, Roger Schurch6, Leopoldo Soto7

1Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 2Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 3Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission; 4Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 5Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission; 6Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile; 7Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission

Assessment of Thermal and Electric Field Characteristics of HVDC Cable According to the Inner Filler Size of XLPE

Ho Young Lee1, Ik Soo Kwon1, Mansoor Asif1, Chae Kyun Jung2, Jae Sang Hwang2, Min Ju Kim2, Bang Wook Lee1

1HANYANG UNIVERSITY, Korea, Republic of (South Korea); 2KEPCO Research Institute Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Further Developments Of Metrological And Simulation-based Characterization Of The Non-contact Measurement Of Electrostatic Charge By Means Of Electric Field Meters

Carola Schierding1, Dieter Möckel1, Martin Thedens1, Michael Beyer1, Michael Kurrat2

1Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Bundesallee 100, Braunschweig, Germany; 2Technische Universität Braunschweig, Schleinitzstr. 23, Braunschweig, Germany

Numerical Simulation on DC Breakdown of Polyimide Based on Charge Transport and Molecular Chain Displacement

Yuwei Li1, Chenyu Yan1, Daomin Min1, Shengtao Li1, Zhaoliang Xing2, Liangxian Zhang3

1State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation for Power Equipment, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, China; 2Laboratory of Advanced Power Transmission Technology, Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co. Ltd., Beijing 102209, China; 3XIAN XD Transformer Co. Ltd., Xi’an 710077, China

The Comparison of Approaches to Power Frequency Electromagnetic Field Hygienic Regulations

Nina Rubtsova, Sergey Perov, Olga Belaya

FSBSI “Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health”, Russian Federation

Study on Conducted EMI Based on Wide-Band Model for a ±500kV MMC-HVDC Station

Weidong Zhang, Yuning Wei

North China Electric Power University, China, People's Republic of

Wave Phenomena on Overhead Multi-circuit Transmission Lines Caused by Direct Lightning Stroke into Earth Wire

Zdenka Benesova, Vaclav Kotlan, Rainer Haller

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Influence of Different Turret-Tank Connection Types on Transformer Turret Eddy Currents

Tomislav Zupan1, Bruno Jurisic1, Franjo Kelemen2

1Koncar – Electrical Engineering Institute, Inc.; 2Koncar – Power Transformers Ltd., Croatia

Study On Simulation, Measurement Of Emf In Transmission Underground Cables

Eui-hwan Jung, Soo-bong Lee, Sang-tack Park, Jung-nyun Kim

LS Cable&System, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Optimization of Magnetic Shunts Towards Efficient and Economical Power Transformers Design

Ali Al-Abadi

SGB Power Transformers, Germany

Comparing Electrical Tree Inception Time In Clean Epoxy and Polyethylene Using The Fowler-Nordheim Based Model

Sophy Sitole, Cuthbert Nyamupangedengu

University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Withstand Performance of SPD Varistor under Multi-waveform Multi-pulse Currents

Yuwei He1, Jian Liu1, Yufeng Zhu2, Zhengcai Fu2

1State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company Hangzhou Power Supply Corporation, China; 2Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Improvement Method and Test Analysis of High Voltage AC Earthing Switch Switching Induced Current Capability

Guangwei Fan1, Lei Yang2, Changgeng Han2, Zhaoyang Zhang1, Gang Li1

1Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., China; 2Shandong Taikai Disconnectors Co., Ltd., China

Innovative Contactless Measurement of High Voltage Impulses

Moritz Kuhnke, Peter Werle

Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

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