Conference Agenda

Short Course: Fundamentals of Dielectric Materials and Testing
Sunday, 19/June/2022:
8:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Wiley Room A1

For short courses in the Marriott

Presented By: Dr. Nancy Frost

Session Abstract

The focus of this short course is the fundamental aspects of electrical insulation materials.

The main focus will be rotating equipment, but transformers, cables as well as transmission and distribution needs will also be discussed. This general course will cover basic components of an insulation system, material selection criteria, review of intrinsic properties as well as aging parameters. Major test methodologies and standards used in selecting and qualifying insulation systems will be discussed.

It is intended that this short course help the novice understand the critical working aspects of electrical insulation materials. This knowledge can aid in maintenance decision processes, equipment repair decisions, as well as educate those in the industry to understand the tradeoffs in the dielectric materials selection process.

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