Conference Agenda

PP-5: Paper Panel: Mental Health and Social Justice Themes
Thursday, 13/Jun/2019:
12:00pm - 12:55pm

Location: First Floor, Classroom 13


The Mellowing of Age: Effect of Age on Self-report Inventories

James Peter Choca, Joseph Paul, Yoev Shimoni, Duncan Benjamin

Roosevelt University, United States of America

The effect of age is unfortunately mostly disregarded with emotional evaluations. Data obtained with the MCMI-III and the Emotional Assessment System (EAS) showed a tendency for aging to decrease externalizing attributes, while we become more internally focused and careful.

Teams in Nurseries for Elderly People: Meaningful Interventions

Roswith Luise Roth

University of Graz, Austria

Moving in a nursery of elderly people is a severe life event. An intervention to facilitate this important step in life increases quality of life in home residents. Interventions to prevent burnout and building homogenous groups of elderly with and without dementia are effective approaches to support the nursing staff.

Peer Association and Perception of Harms and Benefits With Marijuana

Wynter Jason

Northern Caribbean University

The purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between peer association and perception of harms and benefits associated with marijuana use among 300 Jamaican adolescents in grades 10 and 11. Resuls indicated lifetime prevalence for marijuana use was higher for total males 34% compared to total females 26%.

Burnout Among Radiologists: Modifying Technology To Increase Workplace Engagement

Andrew F. Simon1, Erin Schwartz2

1Seton Hall University, United States of America; 2Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Burnout among radiologists is related to advances in technology without corresponding adaptations to how technology is being implemented. The ease of electronically producing radiological scans has burdened many radiologists with excessive workplace demands. Solutions are found in settings where technology has been successfully modified to improve working conditions.

Emotional Dysregulation Associations with Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse

Karina Villalba, Robert Cook, Irma Barron, Jessy Devieux

Ms, United States of America

We assess the associations between trait anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and alcohol use among women with a history of childhood abuse. Results showed that women who reported high anxiety levels also reported high levels of emotional dysregulation, which in turn, was associated with a higher risk for alcohol abuse.