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PP-4: Paper Panel: Refugees and Migration
Jueves, 13/06/2019:
10:00 - 10:55

Lugar: First Floor, Classroom 14

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Life-threatening Trauma Exposure and Daily Functionality Among Rohingya Refugees

Sanjida Khan, Shamsul Haque

Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

One hundred Rohingya refugees, resettled in Bangladesh and Malaysia, reported that they were the victims of extreme brutality during and pre-migration; witnessed life-threatening events: killing, burning, abduction, torture and abuse. The level of PTSD and dysfunctionality among the refugees was predicted by the number of traumatic events they had experienced.

Direct and Indirect Trauma Exposure and PTSD among Rohingya Refugees

Sanjida Khan, Shamsul Haque

Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

This study shows that number of traumatic events directly experienced by Rohingya refugees before and during migration predicted their intrusive and avoidance behaviour. Their indirect experience of adverse experiences before migration also predicted intrusion and hypersensitivity. However, the direct and indirect exposures together significantly predicted intrusion, avoidance and hypersensitivity.

"Well-Being In Aged Refugees"

Mostafa Mohammadi1, Hassan Fartousi2

1university of lausanne, Switzerland.; 2university of geneva, Switzerland.

Most research about the level of life satisfaction among immigrant report higher satisfaction in post-immigration period of life. Using a deeper analysis, current study assessed this common result in Persian speaking immigrants in Switzerland.

Psychology and Migration: What We Know and What We Don't

Oliva Maria Espin

San Diego State University, United States of America

The complicity of psychology with xenophobic political ideologies, legislation, and discourses concerning immigrants and refugees. The worldwide immigration situation brings to the fore the inadequacy of the extant paradigms in psychology. Alternative forms of research and practice for a meaningful psychology of migration are needed. Proposed suggestions will be discussed.

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