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Pos-1: Poster Session
Wednesday, 12/Jun/2019:
11:00am - 11:55am

Location: Poster Hall

Posters will be hanging in the hallway during the poster session. Authors will stand by their poster during the session.

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Analysis Of LGBTI Human Rights In Low-Income Countries

Abir Aldhalimi

American Association for the Advancement of Science, United States of America

Anti-LGBTI laws, violence, discrimination, and stigma have severe consequences for millions of LGBTI individuals globally, but data is limited, resulting in fragmented response efforts. This study aims to comprehensively examine human rights conditions in 10 low-income countries, where the treatment of LGBTI individuals is most problematic.

Refugee Youth Consult on a Research Project about Tree-of-Life Therapy

Deborah A Stiles

Webster University, United States of America

This poster presentation describes research “with” rather than “on” refugee youth. Twelve young people from refugee and immigrant backgrounds helped to develop a questionnaire for evaluating the effectiveness of Tree-of-Life therapy for refugees. The young people helped to revise five published inventories/scales. The result was a culturally-relevant and “child-friendly” questionnaire.

Perceived Gender-Based Violence And Assessment Of Legislative Measures

Andrés Sánchez-Prada2, Carmen Delgado-Álvarez2, Esperanza Bosch-Fiol1, Virginia Ferreiro-Basurto1, Victoria A. Ferrer-Perez1

1University of Balearic Islands, España; 2Pontifical University of Salamanca, España

Men and women differ in the variables that influence their appraisal of legislative measures to eradicate intimate partner violence against women. The different perception of the frequency and severity of this problem contributes to explain their differences in the legislative and social actions that they consider adequate to be adopted.

Foreigners’ Prototype of Individuals who Sell Sex in Thailand

Madeline Rae Stenersen, Elin Ovrebo, Kimberly Adams, Lauren Hayes

The University of Memphis, United States of America

The current study aimed to create a prototype of individuals who sell sex (ISS) in Thailand from foreigners’ points of view. Results indicate participants viewed ISS in Thailand as a victim who lacks resources while also recognizing them as fun and sociable individuals. Full results and implications will be presented.

Acculturation Challenges and Healing Mental Health of Bhutanese Refugees

Gabriela Francisca Heermans

University of Vermont

Understanding differences in perspectives on mental illness between Western and Eastern cultures reveals how diagnosing and treating Bhutanese-Nepali refugee populations with Post-traumatic stress disorder may be ineffective. The continuation of cultural and religious traditions could be more important in healing mental health issues that are found among Bhutanese refugees.

Relationship Between Perceived Emotional Intelligence And Perceived Psychological Well-Being

Silvia Gonzalez, Antonio Zayas, Paloma Gil-Olarte, Rocio Gómez Molinero, Rocio Guil

Universidad de Cadiz, Spain

If emotional intelligence were associated with the perceived well-being of a population, the practical consequences on the generalization in specifics educational plans and in social service practices and policies should be reflected in programs that reach the entire population and therefore, we analyze the relationship between both variables.

A Longitudinal Study of the Moderating Effects of Daily Products Intake on Sense of Coherence among Japanese Middle School Students

Yoshiko Kato1, Kazumi Nagano2, Chenghong Hu1, Adrien Rigó3, Róbert Urbán3

1Kobe Univertsity, Japan; 2Kobe University Secondary School, Japan; 3Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary

This study investigated association between daily products intake and sense of coherence (SOC) among Japanese middle school students, and found the former daily products intake and SOC predicted the latter regard to changes over time. A significant relationship between daily products intake and SOC was found in this longitudinal study.

Examination of the Factor Structure of Self-Regulation Scale for Healthy Lifestyle in University Students

Yiran Wang, Yoshiko Kato

Kobe University, Japan

To assess the self-regulation ability based on daily activities, a novel measurement was validated. We performed a semi-structured questionnaire survey and 60 items are obtained based on the qualitative data to measure the general self-regulation ability and specific self-regulation in daily life including eating behavior, physical exercises, and rest.

Gender-based Violence and University Development Cooperation

María José del Pino, Marina San Teodoro, Inmaculada Toro, Blanca Visone

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, España

This book shows how university cooperation projects for development are not only beneficial for the university communities themselves, but also for society in terms of equality, gender violence or human trafficking.

The Relationship among SOC, Social Support, Well-being and Motivation for the Autonomous Regulation of Eating Behavior in Hungarian and Japanese Students

Yoshiko Kato1, Róbert Urbán2, Chenghong Hu1, Yiran Wang1, Adrien Rigó2

1Kobe university, Japan; 2Eötvös Loránd University

We created a Hungarian version of Motivation for Healthy Eating Scale and explored correlations with health-related variable in country context. Results suggested Hungarian version is valid. Moreover, sense of coherence and social support have influence on motivation for autonomous regulation of eating behavior mediated by IKIGAI in Hungary and Japan.

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