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S-3: Symposium: Preventing Gender Violence
Thursday, 13/Jun/2019:
4:15pm - 5:10pm

Location: First Floor, Classroom 14

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Preventing Gender Violence

Chair(s): María José del Pino Espejo (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, España), Ana Guil Bozal (Universidad de Sevilla, España), Ligia Sánchez Tovar (Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela)

Discussant(s): Juan Guillermo Mansilla Sepúlveda (Universidad de Temuco, Chile)

We present 4 research works to prevent gender violence. The first was held in Peru, the second in secondary education, the third in a women's prison and the fourth is a reflection on the role of education. We close the symposium with a comparative summary of the situation in southern Chile.


Presentations of the Symposium


Gender violence in Secondary Education

Susana Cámara1, Ana Guil Bozal1, Concepción Mimbrero Mallado2
1Universidad de Sevilla, España, 2Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, España

We present the results of a research work funded by the Institute for Women in Spain. Based on the constructivist theoretical model Doing Gender, we identified several levels of interrelated and interdependent analysis. In a second phase, we conducted a global analysis of the gender culture in the educational organization.


Gender Violence in Perú

Ligia Sánchez Tovar1, María José del Pino Espejo2
1Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela, 2Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, España

This work is part of the fieldwork carried out in Peru. We take into consideration the insight of the technical staff in the Women’s Emergency Centers about the reality of gender-based violence areas, their differences and specific problems regarding the situation of the Public Administration and the CEM themselves.


Preventing gender violence through Psicodrama

Malena Rubinstein, Ana Guil Bozal
Universidad de Sevilla, España

We present the first steps of a research work. The central theme is the prevention of gender violence, using Psychodrama among women, deprived of their freedom. The sample is formed by various groups of prisoners in the women's prison of Alcalá de Guadaira in Seville, Spain.



Mercedes Osuna
Universidad de Córdoba. Spain

Gender violence continues all over the world even Governments of lots of countries invest in strategies and measures to prevent violence against women. The basic reason is the kind of relationship among men and women provided that since we are born patriarchal roles are assigned different for girls and boys.

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