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PP-1: Paper Panel: Sexual Violence: Causes and Consequences
Miércoles, 12/06/2019:
10:00 - 10:55

Lugar: First Floor, Classroom 14

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Neighborhood Disadvantage: Exploring Community-level Risk Factors for Sexual Violence

Robyn Ann Borgman

Georgia State University, United States of America

Sexual violence (SV) is a global public health issue; however, little is known regarding community-level risk factors for SV. During this paper discussion, researchers will explore how (US) community characteristics may serve as risk or protective factors for SV and the implications for prevention.

Sexual Violence in Conflict in National Counterterrorism Strategy

Rebecca Wilson, Sarah Cook

Georgia State University, United States of America

Sexual violence in conflict is not just a violation of human rights, it is also a security challenge. Inclusion of prevention programs that foster and protect women's rights into counterterrorism policy, may dualistically meet goals of reducing violence against women in conflict and ensuring national and international peace and security.

Sexual Harassment Among Women Travelling in Public Transport in Pakistan

Amina Muazzam Butt1, Qura Tul Ain2

1Lahore College for women University, Pakistan; 2University of Lahore

The study explored sexual harassment depression anxiety, stress and coping styles among women travelling in public transport. 250 females using public transport were taken. Results indicated unwanted sexual attention as most prevalent type and religious coping is most adaptive coping. Various ways to deal with sexual harassment were discussed .

Austrian Feminist Psychologists Battle Violence Against Women, 1981-1997

Vera Luckgei, Nora Ruck, Elisabeth Parzer, Max Beck, Florian Knasmüller

Sigmund Freud Privat Universität, Austria

This paper analyzes the part Austrian feminist psychologists took in fighting violence against women between 1981 and 1997. It will be shown that they moved fluently between psychological practice, university teaching and governmental politics which allowed them to shape psychosocial services and the legal situation in Austria.

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