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S-2: Symposium: Human Wellbeing
Thursday, 13/Jun/2019:
12:00pm - 12:55pm

Location: First Floor, Classroom 14

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Individual & Group Factors Impacting Human Wellbeing

Chair(s): Ann O'Roark (AO' Executive and Organization Consultation, United States of America), Machiko Fukuhara (Japan Association of Microcounseling, Tokiwa University), Naoki Asazuma (Kawakita General Hospital, Tokyo)

Discussant(s): Machiko Fukuhara (Japan Association of Microcounseling)

This is an introduction to an ICP Interest Group: Scientific Approaches to Human Wellness. We invite ICP colleagues to join us in investigating ways psychologists and mental health specialists contribute to well-being, health and harmonious living. Four presentations illustrate a range of approaches to Human Wellness.


Presentations of the Symposium


Flamenco And Sevillanas As Emotional Expression In Andalucia

Rocio Guil1, Ana Guil2, Carlos Sepuveda3
1University of Cadiz, 2University of Seville, 3Flamenco Psychotherapist

Emotionally expressive Flamenco dancing, originating in Andalusia spring fairs, impacts wellness, providing relaxation and enhancing coexistence. The musical genre crosses borders, practiced nearby France and even in Japan. Flamenco dance is used as a therapeutic mediator for maltreated women, people with disabilities, and people who need improve their self-esteem.


Kindness Maturity: Data Comparisons Japan, Italy, Greece, Chile and Australia

Anna Laura Comunian
University of Padua, Emeritus

Four Stages Scale of Kindness Maturity data compares cultural similarities and differences in kindness across Japan Italy, Greece, Chile and Australia. Cross-national differences show Japanese demonstrate a higher level of kindness at the relational than personal level. The findings are discussed and direction for future research suggested.


Executive Wellness: Framingham Studies, Brain & Vital Sign Health Advances

Ann O'Roark
Private Practice, Ret'd: AO Executive and Organizational Consultant


Mental Acuity and Personal Identity/Self Concept in the Elderly

Naoki Asazuma
UniversityKawakita General Hospital, Tokyo

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