Conference Agenda

S3: Special Session on Synthetic and Natural Esters in TSO-DSO Transformer Applications
Tuesday, 25/Jun/2019:
8:15am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Massimo Pompili, University of Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
Session Chair: Kevin James Rapp, Cargill, United States of America
Location: Cloister Room

ID: 1355 / S3: 1

Assessment of Oxidative Stability and Physical Properties of High Oleic Natural Esters

Racha Seemamahannop1, Shubhen Kapila1, Kritin Bilyeu1, Vander Tumiatti2, Massimo Pompili3, Yingxin He1

1University of Missouri, United States of America; 2SEA MARCONI TECHNOLOGIES S.a.s.; 3University of Roma "La Sapienza"

ID: 1135 / S3: 2

Increasead Lodability of Transformers Immersed in Natural Esters

Fabio Scatiggio, Francesco Maria Pepe, Simone Sacco, Claudio Angelo Serafino


ID: 1318 / S3: 3

Experience of Synthetic Ester Filled Transformers in SP Energy Networks

ShengJi Tee, David Walker, Malcolm Bebbington

SP Energy Networks, United Kingdom

ID: 1334 / S3: 4

Natural ester liquid-filled transformers power the Olympic Games

Kevin James Rapp1, Revin Wang2, Alan Sbravati1, Roberto Ignacio3, Vander Tumiatti4, Massimo Pompili5

1Cargill, Plymouth, MN United States of America; 2Cargill China; 3Cargill Brazil; 4Sea Marconi, Turin, Italy; 5University of Roma-Sapienza

ID: 1307 / S3: 5

Investigation of the Total Flow Rates in Oil Natural Transformer Retrofilling Scenarios

Xiang Zhang1, Zhongdong Wang1, Qiang Liu1, Attila Gyore2, Kevin Rapp3

1The University of Manchester, United Kingdom; 2M&I Materials; 3Cargill Bioindustrial- Global Dielectric Fluids Technology

ID: 1358 / S3: 6

Fire simulation tests of mineral oil and natural esters transformers

Michele Mazzaro1, Domenico De Bartolomeo1, Luigi Calcara2, Massimo Pompili2, Fabio Scatiggio3, Andrea Valant3, Massimo Rebolini3, Elisabetta Bemporad4, Alessandro Ledda4, Flavio Mauri5, Mauro Salvadori5, Alfonso Sturchio5, Marco Falconi6, Antonella Vecchio6

1Italian Ministry of Home Affairs National Fire and Rescue Service Dept., Italy; 2University of Roma "La Sapienza", Italy; 3Terna Rete Italia, Italy; 4Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL), Italy; 5e-distribuzione, Italy; 6ISPRA Dept. for Geological Survey of Italy