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P1-2: Poster Session on Electro-hydrodynamics
Monday, 24/Jun/2019:
4:15pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Igor Timoshkin, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Location: Cloister Courtyard

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ID: 1274 / P1-2: 1

Study of the Dielectric Behavior of HFE-7000 in Function of Electric Field and Temperature Variations

Michelle Nassar1, Christophe Louste1, Nicolas Chauris1, Philippe Traore1, Jamal Seyed-Yagoobi2, Michel Daaboul3, Anny Michel1

1Institute Pprime, France; 2Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA; 3University of Balamand, Lebanon

ID: 1330 / P1-2: 2

Computation the effective dielectric constant of nano-probe local surrounding by solvatochromic spectral shift measurement of organic dye molecule

Peter Lebedev-Stepanov, Anastasia Stepko

Photochemistry Center FSRC “Crystallography Photonics” RAS, Russian Federation

ID: 1236 / P1-2: 3

Effect of Electric Nusselt number on Electro-Thermo-Convection in dielectric liquid subjected to unipolar injection

Dantchi Koulova1, Hubert Romat2, Philippe Traore2

1Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; 2P’ Institute of Poitiers, Department of Fluids, Thermal and Combustion Sciences, EHD Team, CNRS / University of Poitiers/ ENSMA ISAE Futuroscope, France.

ID: 1190 / P1-2: 4

Dielectric droplet on a superhydrophobic substrate in an electric field

Alexandr Leonidovich Kupershtokh1,2, Dmitry Alexandrovich Medvedev2

1Novosibirsk State University; 2Institute of Hydrodynamics of Siberian Branch of RAS

ID: 1191 / P1-2: 5

EHD Pumping in Flexible Conic Nozzle

Pedro A Vazquez1, Jamal Seyed-Yagoobi2, Philippe Traore3, Christophe Louste3

1Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; 2Worcester Polytechnic Institute; 3Institut PPRIME

ID: 1232 / P1-2: 6

Experimental study and numerical simulation of partial discharges in deformed bubbles in transformer oil

Denis I. Karpov1, Sergey M. Korobeynikov1,2, Marina B. Meredova1, Alexander V. Ridel1,2, Alexander V. Ovsyannikov2, Alexander L. Kupershtokh1

1Lavrentyev institute of hydrodynamics of Siberian branch of russian academy of sciences, Russian Federation; 2Novosibirsk State Technical University

ID: 1339 / P1-2: 7

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Dielectric Coolant by Electroconvection in Point-Plane Geometry

Daniele Testi

DESTEC, University of Pisa, Italy

ID: 1284 / P1-2: 8

Analytical model of the flow electrification of a liquid under charging conditions

Stanley Paul Daniel Clermont

Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Environnement et de l’Energie (LS2E), Haiti

ID: 1119 / P1-2: 9

Conical structures on the surface of a liquid with ion current in the space-charge limited mode

Mark Belyaev1, Nikolay Zubarev1,2, Olga Zubareva1

1Institute of Electrophysics, UB RAS, Russian Federation; 2Lebedev Physical Institute, RAS, Russian Federation

ID: 1126 / P1-2: 10

Numerical simulation of the wave breaking process on the surface of a dielectric liquid in a tangential electric field

Evgeny Kochurin

Institute of Electrophysics, Ural Division of RAS, Russian Federation

ID: 1103 / P1-2: 11

Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Electric Charge on the Behavior of Water Droplets in Electric Fields

Jens-Michael Löwe, Volker Hinrichsen

Technische Universtität Darmstadt, High-Voltage Laboratories, Germany

ID: 1144 / P1-2: 12

The Streamer Discharge Simulation of Transformer Oil-based Nanofluid

Xinyi Ma, Ming Dong, Yang Li, Ming Ren, Yizhuo Hu

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, People's Republic of

ID: 1192 / P1-2: 13

Numerical study of electrically induced flow by conduction mechanism in a blade-plane configuration.

Philippe Traore1, Christophe Louste1, Umesh Seth1, Pédro Vazquez2, Jamal Yagoobi3

1Institut PPRIME, France; 2Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; 3Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

ID: 1193 / P1-2: 14

Numerical investigation of EHD pumping through conduction phenomenon in a rectangular channel.

Philippe Traoré1, Christophe Louste1, Umesh Seth1, Pédro Vazquez2, Jamal Yagoobi3

1Institut PPRIME, France; 2Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; 3Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

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