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S1: Basic Properties and Fundamental Studies
Monday, 24/Jun/2019:
10:45am - 1:00pm

Session Chair: Armando Francesco Borghesani, University of Padua, Italy
Session Chair: Lars Lundgaard, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway
Location: Cloister Room

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ID: 1271 / S1: 1

Investigation of the factors affecting the dielectric dissipation factor of synthetic and natural esters

Penelope May Livesey, Mark Lashbrook, Russell Martin

M&I Materials, United Kingdom

ID: 1116 / S1: 2

Thermodynamic Model for the Mobility of Oxygen Anions in Dense Neon Gas

Armando Francesco Borghesani1, Frederic Aitken2

1University of Padua,Italy; 2University Grenoble Alpes, C.N.R.S., G2Elab

ID: 1278 / S1: 3

The Relationship Between the Physical, Chemical, and Functional Properties of Insulating Liquids

Edward Casserly

Ergon, United States of America

ID: 1134 / S1: 4

Numerical Study of the Thermal Excitation Applied to a Dielectric Liquid Film

Paul Leblanc1, Thierry Paillat1, Paul Daniel Stanley Clermont1, Xavier Sidambarompoulé2, Jeans-Charles Laurentie2, Petru Notingher2

1Institut Ppirme (CNRS - Université de Poitiers - ISAE-ENSMA), France; 2IES, Université de Montpellier, CNRS, MONTPELLIER, FRANCE

ID: 1121 / S1: 5

Electron Self-Trapping in Vortex Rings in Superfluid Helium

Alexey Khrapak, Sergey Bronin

Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS, Russian Federation

ID: 1293 / S1: 6

Pressure Dependent Propagation of Positive Streamers in a long Point-Plane Gap in Transformer Oil

Dag Linhjell1, Lars E. Lundgaard1, Mikael Unge2

1SINTEF Energy Research, Norway; 2ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, Sweden

ID: 1131 / S1: 7

Infrared Cathodoluminescence of Xe2 Excimers in Xe-He and Xe-N2 Dense Gas Mixtures

Federico Chiossi1, Armando Francesco Borghesani1, Giovanni Carugno2

1University of Padua, Italy; 2INFN Sez. Padova, Italy

ID: 1216 / S1: 8

Excitation processes as a pathway for electron solvation in non-polar liquids

Daniel Cocks1, Ron White2

1Australian National University, Australia; 2James Cook University, Australia

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