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Wednesday, 21/Sept/2022:
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Distruggere Il Divario Culturale. Archivi Incentrati Sulla Diffusione

Borja Aguinagalde


Il Sondaggio sulle Modalità Di Formazione, Gestione e Conservazione degli Archivi del Costruire: Sfide da Affrontare e Prime Soluzioni

Prof. Stefano Allegrezza1, Prof. Bonfiglio-Dosio Giorgetta2, Dr. Quaranta Chiara3, Dr. Bosso Lucia4

1University of Bologna, Italy; 2University of Venice, Italy; 3ANAI Working Group on Architectural Archives; 4ANAI Working Group on Architectural Archives

Federare e formare per affrontare il divario digitale: il progetto Protocollo Informatico Trentino – P.I.Tre.

Carlo Bortoli, Annamaria Lazzeri, Armando Tomasi

Provincia autonoma di Trento, Italy

Linked Data per gli archivi fotografici: il caso dell'Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo

Dr./Dr.ssa Federica Brambilla

Archivio Storico Intesa Sanpaolo, Italia

La Desecretazione Degli Atti Delle Cessate Commissioni Del Senato Italiano

Dr. Giampiero Buonomo, Gaia D'Amico

Senato della Repubblica, Italia

L’Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti di Ivrea e i progetti di sostenibilità documentale.

Dr. Gaetano Adolfo Maria di Tondo

Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, Italy

Radici al Plurale: le Mappe Storiche di Intesa Sanpaolo, Strumenti Per Raccontare la Storia di un Gruppo

Dr. Federica Brambilla, Dr. Paola Chiapponi, Dr. Matilde Capasso

Archivio Storico di Intesa Sanpaolo, Italia

Armida Barelli. Una Rete Di Opere E Di Archivi

Dr./Dr.ssa Simona Ferrantin

ISACEM (Istituto per la storia dell'Azione cattolica e del movimento cattolico in Italia), Italia

Il Portale degli Archivi Storici Del Trentino-AST: Uno Strumento Per “Colmare Il Divario”?

Dr./Dr.ssa Stefania Franzoi, Dr./Dr.ssa Fiammetta Baldo

Provincia autonoma di Trento. Soprintendenza per i Beni culturali, Italia

How to Use Records and Archives to Foster Research and Education in Schools and Universities?

Meera Hakam Al Hashimi

Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority, United Arab Emirates

Reflections on Women Personal Papers at Brazil’s National Centre for Folklore and Popular Culture Archive

Jéssyca Janiffer Diniz de Almeida1,2, Dr. Daniel Roberto dos Reis Silva1

1National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage, Brazil; 2Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences, Brazil

Preserving And Providing Access To The Memory Of The Chilean Constituent Process: The Work Of The National Archives Of Chile And The Constitutional Convention

Gabriela Andaur, Pilar Díaz

Archivo Nacional de Chile, Chile

Archives for an informed citizenship: the project Non solo storia (civil calendar) by Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Vittore Armanni

Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Italy

Un Outil de Science Ouverte – Système d’archivage dynamique et interactif de cartes géoréférencées.

Dr Hala Bayoumi


Un Pont Entre Demandes Citoyennes et Respect Des Intérêts Protégés Par la Loi : Les Archives Nationales de France Comme Partenaires de Confiance Pour L’accès Aux Archives

Cécile Fabris

Archives nationales, France

L’exposition virtuelle “Archives, Mémoires et Identités métisses”

Jeanne Garcia

Archives de l'Etat en Belgique, Belgium

Building Interoperability In Archival Management Systems, Between Data And Records Long-term Digital Preservation For Joint Research

Prof. Josep Ballber, Dr. Pepita Raventós, Dr. Roberto Garcia

Universitat de Lleida, Spain

Archival Science undergraduate course at Federal University of Santa Maria: trajectory, curriculum and perspectives

Prof./Prof.ssa Danilo Barbiero

Federal University of Santa Maria, Brasile

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Video Appraisal - A Case Study at the World Bank Group

Paloma Beneito, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth

World Bank Group, United States of America

European Digital Treasures. A successful case of a European project in the field of archives.

Leonard Callus3, Cristina Díaz Martínez1, Zoltán Szatucsek2

1Spanish State Archives, Spain; 2National Archives of Hungary; 3National Archives of Malta

The Role of Individual Memories in the Construction of Collective Memory: a Case Study in Portugal

Dr. Leonor Calvão Borges, Dr. Ana Margarida Dias da Silva, Prof. Maria Beatriz Marques

CITCEM, Portugal

The Cost of Water: Information Access for Public Empowerment

Isabel Carlin

University of British Columbia, Canada

Functional Analysis for a Transparent and Understandable Appraisal

Lluís-Esteve Casellas-Serra

City Council of Girona, Spain

Our Industry On Paper: Challenges and Experiences Around Bunge & Born Argentina Business Archive

Dr. Mariela Ceva, Prof. Juan Facundo Araujo, Prof. Eugenio Torres

Bunge & Born Argentina Historical Archive

Preserving Humanity In Warfare. The Role Of Archival Resources In Advancing International Humanitarian Law

Dr. Cédric Cotter

ICRC, Switzerland

A Web of Facts To Automatically Reasoning On Documents

Nicola Raffaele Di matteo, James Blustein

Dalhousie University, Canada

The Extended Mind Theory and the Archives of Psychiatry: How Archives Show us the Evolution of Psychiatry and What Still Remains to Discover About Our Mind

Dr./Dr.ssa Francesca Donato, Dr./Dr.ssa Carlotta Carpentieri, Dr./Dr.ssa Carmela D'orlando, Dr./Dr.ssa Benedetta Pittore, Dr./Dr.ssa Rossella Greco

Fondazione CeRPS, Italia

Legal & Ethical Considerations for Providing Access to Born-Digital Archives

Kate Dundon

University of California, Santa Cruz, United States of America

Use Cases for Managing Long Term Preservation of Digital Images Using the FITS File Format

Pierre Kirchner1, Dr. Francesco Gambino2, Dr. Giuliano Giuffrida4, Dr. Rosemarie Leone2, Dr. Giuseppe Di Persio3

1ESA - European Space Agency, Italy; 2DBSeret, Italy; 3INAF; 4Vatican Library

Study on the Paradigm of Archival Science in the Context of Globalization

Zhihua Fang

the Institute of Scientific and Technical Research on Archives, National Archives Administration of China, China, People's Republic of

How to Archive a Corona-Archive Project? The University of Hamburg’s Coronarchiv and the SIARD (Software Independent Archival of Relational Databases) File-format

Francesco Gelati, Sönke Rau

University of Hamburg, Germany

Uni 11845:2022 standard "Processes for Managing Long Term Preservation of Digital Images Using the FITS File Format"

Dr. Giuliano Giuffrida

Vatican Apostolic Library, Vatican City State

Approaches to Decolonisation - Experiences from the work with Sámi Aechives in the Nordic countries.

Maria Press

National Archives of Norway, Norway

Evaluer Les Archives à L'ère Numérique : le Logiciel ArchiSelect

Grégoire Oguey, Lionel Bartolini

Archives de l'État de Neuchâtel, Suisse

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