Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Location: S001
Date: Tuesday, 16/Mar/2021
PS1: Poster Session 1
Location: S001
Chair: Benjamin Unger

A Biphasic Fiber Reinforced Model of Articular Cartilage

F. S. Egli, T. Ricken, D. M. Pierce

Including the Dissipative Properties from Molecular Dynamics Simulations into a Phase Field Model for Wetting

F. Diewald, M. Heier, M. Lautenschläger, S. Stephan, C. Kuhn, K. Langenbach, H. Hasse, R. Müller

Phase-field modeling of fracture in heterogeneous materials

A. C. Hansen-Dörr, M. Kästner

Variational modeling of irreversible effects during solid/solid phase transformations

J. Waimann, K. Hackl, S. Reese, P. Junker

A Multiscale Model of Growth Processes in Soft Tissue

L. Lambers, M. Suditsch, A. Wagner, T. Ricken

Microstructural modeling in solid mechanics

L. Scheunemann

On a novel approach for modeling liquid crystalline flows

S. Metzger

Date: Wednesday, 17/Mar/2021
PS2: Poster Session 2
Location: S001
Chair: Benjamin Unger

Chance-constrained optimal control of hyperbolic supply systems

K. Lux, S. Göttlich, O. Kolb

Automated shape differentiation and optimization using NGSolve

P. Gangl, K. Sturm, M. Neunteufel, J. Schöberl

Shape Optimization in Shape Spaces

K. Welker

Structure Preserving Model Order Reduction by Parameter Optimization

P. Schwerdtner, T. Mitchell, M. Voigt

Adaptive concepts in POD model reduction

C. Gräßle, M. Hinze

Model Order Reduction in Production Engineering

F. Key

Machine Learning for Nonlinear Dynamics

M. Stender

PS3: Poster Session 3
Location: S001
Chair: Benjamin Unger

Cooperative Object Transportation: Modeling, Control Design and Experiments

H. Ebel, P. Eberhard

Reconstruction of quasi-local numerical effective models

A. Caiazzo, R. Maier, D. Peterseim

Mathematical analysis and simulation of field models in accelerator circuits

I. Cortes Garcia

Motion design of structures based on a variational formulation

R. Sachse, M. Bischoff

A mixed phase-field fracture model - numerical simulation compared to experiments in punctured EPDM strips

K. Mang, A. Fehse, N. H. Kröger, T. Wick

Dislocation density tensors in finite plasticity

T. Kaiser, A. Menzel