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Author(s) Session
Valizadeh, ImanS08.01  Presenter
van Brummelen, E. HaraldS18.03
van den Bedem, HenryS02.06
van der Vegt, Jaap J.W.S08.06
van der Velden, TimS03.04, S06.06  Presenter
Van Dooren, PaulS20.04
van Gils, DennisS10.02
Verbach, Lea M.S22.03
Verhoosel, Clemens V.S18.03
Veroy, KarenYRM5
Veroy-Grepl, KarenS18.08  Presenter
Veselic, IvanS23.02  Presenter
Vexler, BorisS19.04
Vidal Núñez, JoséDFG-PP 1962
Vogel, AndreasS16.03  Presenter
Vogt, TobiasS10.02
Voigt, AxelS03.02  Presenter, S18.03  Presenter
Voigt, MatthiasS20.02, S20.04  Presenter, MS3, PS2, S20.02
Volkmer, ToniS21.06
Volkwein, StefanS18.08, YRM5
von Danwitz, MaxS18.05  Presenter, S18.05
von Deyn, Lars H.S13.01  Presenter
von Wahl, HenryS18.03  Presenter
von Wulffen, ThereseS21.02  Presenter
Vorberg, LukasS23.03  Presenter
Vos, Willem L.S08.06
Voulis, IgorS18.05  Presenter
Vrdoljak, MilanS15.05
Vu, GiaoS08.08  Presenter