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Author(s) Session
Valizadeh, ImanMultiscales and homogenization  Presenter
van Brummelen, E. HaraldSurface PDEs and unfitted discretizations
van den Bedem, HenryCells
van der Vegt, Jaap J.W.Multiscales and homogenization
van der Velden, TimGradient damage and plasticity
Material modelling in solid mechanics  Presenter
Van Dooren, PaulRobust Control
van Gils, DennisTurbulence and reactive flows
Verbach, Lea M.Scientific computing
Verhoosel, Clemens V.Surface PDEs and unfitted discretizations
Veroy, KarenComplexity Reduction in Optimal Control
Veroy-Grepl, KarenModel order reduction  Presenter
Veselic, IvanApplied operator theory  Presenter
Vexler, BorisAlgorithms and Numerical Methods
Vidal Núñez, JoséNon smooth and complementarity-based distributed parameter systems
Vogel, AndreasOptimization  Presenter
Vogt, TobiasTurbulence and reactive flows
Voigt, AxelPhase-field modeling of fracture II  Presenter
Surface PDEs and unfitted discretizations  Presenter
Voigt, MatthiasModel Order Reduction and System Identification
Robust Control  Presenter
Dissipativity, Turnpikes, and Optimal Control
Model Order Reduction and System Identification
Poster Session 2
Volkmer, ToniMathematical signal and image processing
Volkwein, StefanComplexity Reduction in Optimal Control
Model order reduction
von Danwitz, MaxSpace-Time discretizations  Presenter
Space-Time discretizations
von Deyn, Lars H.Flow control  Presenter
von Wahl, HenrySurface PDEs and unfitted discretizations  Presenter
von Wulffen, ThereseMathematical signal and image processing  Presenter
Vorberg, LukasApplied operator theory  Presenter
Vos, Willem L.Multiscales and homogenization
Voulis, IgorSpace-Time discretizations  Presenter
Vrdoljak, MilanApplications
Vu, GiaoMultiscales and homogenization  Presenter